Installing Motionbuidler


I have installed and uninstalled motionbuilder several times because each time i go to open it motionbuilder 5 it gives me 2 error messages. Something about OpenGL on both error messages, it waits a few seconds and come up. “There was and Error on 00xxfff, and could not open program, will close now.” Something like that. I have DirectX 8.1 already installed. Mocap 4.0 works fine, Mocap 5 does give me problems though. I was wondering does anybody have an suggestions.


did you contact the kaydara support ?! should be the fastest way for you.


I had a few graphic problems recently. Not the same as you but may help. I installed a “windows update’” from ati that wasn’t specifically or my card and it stopped everything, and I mean everything working. Try uninstallin your video drivers and reinstaling the latest version.


try download opengl driver


I always thought MB required DirectX 9+ to run properly…


I think opengl driver downloading should do it, some programes required opengl in order to show 3ds in real time…


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