Installing EIAS 8.0 under Vista 64-bit


I assume there are others, like me, who find themselves operating with 64-bit Vista and who would like to have access to EIAS 8.0 without having to reboot to a 32-bit version of Windows. After some trial and error I found the steps necessary to accomplish this:

  1. The Sentinel driver on the EIAS Install disk is a 32-bit version that will not install under the 64-bit version of Vista. Thus, you need to go to Sentinel to get the latest driver:

  2. I found that my default user account would not accept the driver properly even though I have “administrator” privileges. You need to be logged in as the “true” administrator account. There are a couple ways to do this that you can easily find by googling “how to log onto administrator account in Vista”. I recommend using the simple registry change that gives you the Administrator option on your startup screen.

  3. Once you are logged on as the true administrator you simply install EIAS as you normally would. You’ll get the message that the sentinel driver didn’t install but you then run the current driver (7.5) that you downloaded in step 1) above and you’ll be good to go.

Hope this helps somebody and saves some of the hair-pulling I went through.

Mark J.


I’d be interested to know how it runs under Vista, especially stability vs winXP.

I remember running EI with XP64 bit, but abandoned it because a modeler i use simply would not work.



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