Inspirational Links


Please feel free to add links to this thread that have inspirational matte work!

Let’s start off with the link to our forum leaders own portfolio, right here:

Jaime Jasso

Also be sure to check out Matte World Digital:

Matte World Digital


Yeah rock on! finally the matte painting forum… cool :slight_smile: Of course the great Jaime Jasso links is already there…

Here are my share of links… I find these sites have inspirational work…

Share more links… :slight_smile:

Dalaran AW


d’artiste: Matte Painting
[size=2]The Invisible Art : The Legends of Movie Matte Painting[/size]

Some articles & podcasts from
Matte Painting Part 4 :The future of matte painting —(Alp Atiner Podcast)-
Matte Painting Part 3: The Art —(Wayne Hagg Podcast)-
Matte Painting Part 2: The Tools —(Gerhard Mozsi Podcast)-
Matte Painting Series Part 1 : Painting it BIG



Added to those mentioned above:
Jessy veilleux
Chris Stoski
Peter Ellenshaw


Great forums!
Here are some from my bookmarks
Richard Bluff
Roger Kupelian
Mark Sullivan
Christophe “Tchook” COURGEAU
Christian Lorenz Scheurer
Craig Mullins
Tim Warnock
Seung Ho Henrik Holmberg
Brenton Cottman
Christian Haley
Rowan Cassidy


i know Dalaran AW wrote link above, but,
here is the direct link to the matte artists(more than 60) links from


ok in case it gets lost in this forum here’s again the link “Landscape composition rules”

thanks to and the author Johannes Vloothuis

Enjoy and Learn ( 23 pages )


Wow. Found a goodie tonight. I don’t think anyone has posted before.

Check it out!


This site is only about car rendering.
more tutorials here:


hey guys, here’s a nice inspirational link, this guy is really amazing, he’s actually art director at sony as we speak, but take a look at his work on matte painting , traditional by the way but wow really stunning !

thanks to Hugo Martin at Blur for the link


To add to the list:

Kevin Jenkins

Neil Miller

Ludovic Iochem

Max Dennison

Lizzie Bentley


Kevin Jenkins, Haha :slight_smile: the legend!



Glad to see that Roger Kupelian and Paul Lasaine are on the list already. Two of my faves there!!



Thank you all for all those links…must for a beginner like me…


Those are really nice! :slight_smile:
Here are some of my favorites:
Kerem Beyit
Jason Chan
Raymond Swanland


a new site with great imagery of the old and new matte painting masters one of the best I’ve seen , great stuff in here !



One Man Army… Attila the Hun Trailer & Visual Effects Breakdowns

John Adams Visual FX (HBO)

Movie Magic Episode 8 - Matte Paintings


Thanks for the link, Jaime. Very interesting :slight_smile:

Maciej Kuciara

One of this guy’s pieces was on the front page recently. If you check out his blog and site, there’s some awesome stuff on there.