Inside Industrial Light & Magic Vancouver’s new 30,000 sq. ft. Gastown studio (PHOTOS


“Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) unveiled its new 30,000 sq. ft. studio on 21 Water St. in Gastown, which was formerly home to Disney’s Pixar animation studio.”


I had to smile at the outdoor shots;fresh rain. :thumbsup:

But kewl.


Wow, and I thought I needed privacy… Why spend so much space on recreational areas and cram people like sardines?


…that does look a bit cramped. With all the other open spaces shown it almost doesn’t make sense. Oh well, the executive team is probably packed in just as tightly. :shrug:


Wow, and I thought I needed privacy… Why spend so much space on recreational areas and cram people like sardines?

after being crammed together like that for a couple hours those wide open spaces probably feel heavenly.


Some photos, although a bit small, of the same space from when Pixar Canada inhabited it.The workspace photos for each look to be the same location except ILM has at least twice the number of workstations.


Cramped workstations aside, the history of the building is easy to see. When it was a butchers shop, it surely must have been one of the biggest around.


Not gonna lie, but working in a dev floor like that scares me.


pfff. you shoulda seen my closet at r&h. as much as I LOVED the people, work and my time there, the work rooms were terrible. 4 guys packed into a broom closet



What you need your own room or something in order to work?

Take the front row for instance, it might seem crammed with all the monitors placed tightly next to each other, and the desk on some of them are very messy, thus giving the feeling that there is not enough room, but there is actually only sitting 4 people in that front row of the picture. I think they only needed to stretch each table by 30 cm and everything would be totally fine.


Looks like a bit of a sweatshop to me. Clever framing of the photo, cropping off the manacles fastened to the floor.


I hope this is a joke. Sometimes on forums it is hard to tell without any internet punctuation :). It doesn’t look spacious but given everyone has a dual monitor setup it can do that.


Looks like Hardware sell shop. dosent look like ILM in any manner.


Definitly more Industrial than Magic …


Not much Light in that dungeon either.


Well I see a suggestion of a 5th desk left of frame. I’d say there are more per row than that-just out of frame in either side. Its tightly packed for sure.

I’ve worked in open studio for the last 10 years. Always had more room than that! My current desk is at least two feet wider and my nearest neighbour
and I have a desk-side cabinet between us.

There is something “not salary or benefits” about that picture.

All that said-I do have a former friend/colleague working there and has been for a while. He can probably find work anywhere he wants-so it must be better than that photo suggests. But he was there before the move to the pixar building too.


Well at least the lighting looks better today…


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That’s what an office should look like. Compared to that, ILM Vancouver (as well as several large London Soho based studios) really do look like sweat shops.