Inside a Deep Forest, Martin Huisman (3D)


Title: Inside a Deep Forest
Name: Martin Huisman
Country: Netherlands
Software: Terragen

This image has been made using mainly Terragen 2.
The ivy’s were made with Ivy Generator and position matching was done using a reference-object within TG2 and correcting the origin of the ivy models within 3DS Max.
Postwork was done in Photoshop. Levels, contrast and the like.

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That is a really realistic looking digital environment you have created there.
I like the ligthing and the fog.

Very good work!


Devastating render! Amazing work on the texturing and the ivy and other plants. Keep up the great work.


Nice atmosphere. Good job on the rock too.


i like the over all feeling…great.


Great detail and lighting. My only crit would be to vary the moss/ivy up a bit more and introduce more subtle contact shadows where they meet the rocks. Keep up the good work! :arteest:


Stunning render Martin. The only thing I would suggest is to increase the density of the mosses so that instead of clumps along the flat areas you have a seamless thick covering. The lighting and mood of the image are particularly great!


looks like foto :thumbsup:


I got to work and took a second look on my Viewsonic, and it looks even better. Amazing lighting here, and the details are very clean and nice!


Yeah… this is a absolute stunning render. I have to agree with RArcher tho, about the moss. Otherwise it’s a fantastic image. Love the atmosphere.



I just gonna say that it is really reallistic! and with terragen, hehe, awesome!!


OMG! We wonna see wireframe!!!:slight_smile: :eek:


:applause: Bravo, not a typical Terragen render of landscape from a distance. Great stuff


cool atmonsfere!


amazing work with great details . mood and lighting is awesome.


Love this Martin!


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