Inset Giving bad geometry 3ds Max


Hi I am trying to create a clean offset in this poly. I am getting bag geometry as shown below. Hope some one can help. Thank you.


Hi… boheme111

Here is a simple solution…

I would start with the inner arc geomtry… rather than the outer arc…

See if this method helps you…

Hope it helped :wink:


You could add that feature into the edit spline and then extrude.


Sorry for the late reply. Thank you very much for the detailed step by step explanation. this method works great, and also gives me an insight how to think ahead and planning. Very much appreciated!


thanks for your reply. Can you explain what you mean by adding the feature into the edit spline?


You are welcome… boheme111

Glad I could help…


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You can use nested-splines. Shapes within shapes.


3Ds max scene of an example HERE

3ds max splines can be trimmed and manipulated far easier than polygons.