Insert Edge


Admittedly it has been awhile since I used Silo. Several months, really. Using it again since the recent updates there is a command that I was certain exists but I can’t seem to find it. I want to insert an edge without having to connect a ring of edges first and then sliding it into place. Isn’t there a command that let’s me position an edge where I want it before confirming? This is driving me crazy!


Append edge off the top of my head.


Thanks, C, but that wasn’t it. Here is a video of it being done in Max. It shows the tool being used in the first 30 seconds.

Swift Loop Tool in Max


The video helps.

Swift Loop (while more feature-rich) looks like it is the same as Split Loop. Shift X. Hold the keys down and you can slide the new loop into position.


Thanks, C. I have that in my custom menu but it didn’t feel like the right tool. You’re a life saver. I hope you are prepared for something new because you just inherited a new bromance.