Insane perspective drawing - how?!


I’m sure a lot of you have seen these images before:

How did this guy get those crazy perspectives?! How would one go about planning something that?! And is there a name or study of that type of drawing/style/perspective?!

Gots me boggled!! :argh:


I’m boggled, too. Jaw-dropping work.


I had heard and assume it’s done using a camera and plotting out the points onto the pavement. Then just painting with the camera or markings as a guide, which would make for alot of exaggerated shapes on the pavement.


Yeah, I’d do it in a similar way: take a photo of the empty pavement from the position I want it to look most real, go home and paint on it in Photoshop until I have my finished image, print that out… then use the Perspective transform to flatten the image as if seen from above, trace the important lines and print it out with a grid overlaid, then go to the pavement with chalk, some thread and tape, and those 2 printouts, and using the grid transferring the line drawing, then filling in with colors.




If I were to do that, I would cheat: Take a slide projector to the intended viewpoint, paint over the projection.
That work is impressive, though, especially the Coke bottle!


I don’t even think it’s really that complicated. All you really have to do to acheive that perspective is draw something on the sidewalk, look at it from the proper angle, redo it and refine it so the sidewalk drawing looks right. After that, you just shade it. It takes a long time, but the point of those is probably to challenge himself.


It’s got to be annoying like heck to be painting something and not be able to see it while you’re painting…


its not a new concept… they do things like that for logos on football fields or other sports or similar events…

logos for sponsors appear as perfect squares on ur screen on the camera viewport, but u know that if u were down on the pitch looking at it, it would be skewed as hell…


All you really have to do to acheive that perspective is draw something on the sidewalk, look at it from the proper angle, redo it and refine it so the sidewalk drawing looks right. After that, you just shade it.

I seriously doubt that’s practical… these anamorphic things always seem to get the perspective lines perfect. I don’t think it’s about challenging themselves, not with regards to how the initial drawing is done anyway. Not when it’s so relatively easy to use the grid system to transfer the drawing (everyone who creates big grafitti or big signs or murals uses some variant of transfer from a smaller original).


Personally I had never seen such a thing before and rather than try to downplay it or minimize the artwork like others do, I would like to say it was impressive. Seeing things like that is what makes me happy to know the world has artists.


Those are pretty cool.
I think the technique is similar to how some of the renaissance artists used to paint. A lot of their work was for churches and cathedrals so went high up on ceilings and walls so they had to use a for-shortening ( I think that’s the right word) technique so that the image would look great up on the ceiling but when you took it down you can actually see how they have stretched the image.

It’s all sort of a trick on perspective :slight_smile:


Seriously , you’d think every 6 year old with a chalk and photoshop can do that from some of the responses in this thread :rolleyes:


I think he might actually be using the lines on the pavement as guides (check out how some of the images line up). They could function sort of like a readymade grid, and he could just distort the perspective of any drawing using the grid. I honestly don’t think he’s using Photoshop and a projector or any kind of intricate preparation, though, however he achieves it.


If seen his work like 1 year ago,its simply unbeleeveble,and works only from 1 angle,
looking ad it from other side simply dont make sence,and yes he is allways preparing,or adleast dit something to figguer out how he is going to approuche it,
line of grid is a very old methode,when his doing old art drawings of formal artists i think he adleast use some form of a imagionary grid or adleast something that comes close to it.
He dint use the pavement as real grid looking ad 1 picture whit the gold piles.
plus on the self portred.
He is simply a great thinker,what can i say hehe.


like WHO’s sheep factory? Just cos ur impressed by something doesnt mean everybody else is… its nothing new… like i said before… he watched the worldcup, saw the football pitch and thought cool idea…

the technical ability involved is just as talented as any 2d or 3d pieces i have seen around this forum… i think u guys may be getting carried away with some gimmicks…



Of course people know that just because you are impressed by something not everyone else is going to share that opinion. Are you pretending to educate us on that fact or just being condescending or both? How about this: Keep your negative attitude to yourself and try putting your energy to good uses instead.

If being unimpressed by something that others admire makes you feel more confident or evolved than the rest of us – knock yourself out. Go to the WIP and CG Choice gallery right now and start posting every time something fails to impress you. Then after a few days of doing that please come back here and let us know if you feel any better.

But if that seems like a big waste of time, there’s always that thing about putting your energy to good use instead.


hey, before u go admin but kissing, i never said that this was unimpressive… my first post stated that it is not a new concept merely… it seemed like sheep factory was saying we should all be in awe of this, when i didnt think it was necessarily true… i do think it is very impressive, but, yet again, its not a revolutionary idea…

when i look through the cgtalk wip and finished forums, i am just as in awe by the quality of work there… thats all i was trying to say


AKDesigns,you came out wrong,and harsh,and simply dint had no taste in what you sayt,
you should leave everybody in there own state of mind and contribute ad least whit one deasant reply,Keep things cool,
It dont has nothing to do whit asz kissing,every topic on its self,is a worthwile to stand still about it,im learning lots of things by bullshit topics to:)


I think wether revolutionary or not but this guy did something really impressive … and as far as the football field is concenred. its people like these whose art derives the mainstream market.