Innsmouth project



Here is another project I’m currently working on about Lovecraft universe.

It’s a very personnal approach of the innsmouth inhabitants, from the novel “shadow over innsmouth”.

I’ve planned to make an image featuring different stages of mutation, but this one will be a simple portrait.

It’s my first work completly “zbrush oriented”.


wow, really impressive stuff- zbrush is some tool in the right hands-the middle pic looks like one of your clay reference sculptures…I assume it is, but pretty hard to tell now. love it


this is impressive and very good design

the second image with a beige colour is that clay model or printed from 3D printer?


arf arf !! as usual , an excellent job in perspective
the true modele is impressive, the cg modele too !!it look like the star war style ,
comme d’hab , on ne peut que dire que c’est beaux et bien fait ,pas facile de critique lorsque rien n’est a revoir , par contre , je viendrais revoir ce thread pour le voi fini ! ! bonne continuation , c 'est top

la pass de zbrush est elle aussi tres reussi , tt en finesse , vivement l’update! ! !++



wow… awesome start! Keep it up! :slight_smile:


shakes said:

middle pic looks like one of your clay reference sculptures…I assume it is, but pretty hard to tell now

Yes, of course, it was. I forgot to mention it.


Yep!!! Great Start! :thumbsup:


The ZB model looks nice, but there are a lot of deviations from the concept/clay model and I must confess, I liked the design of the clay one more


wow…well …model very detail…


Et c’est parti ! :bounce:


love the maquette bust and where this is going!! Keep it up!


Very cool concept, fantastic skill with clay. It is something I am learning now, so I love to see 3d models based on a original sculpture!

Great job!


Great work fred !!!

To be continued

Hope to also updates on your lovely female deamon


Nice work so far, it looks great, very close to the concept.
Can’t wait to see this one progress :slight_smile:


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