Inner Mouth modeling


How much of the inner mouth should I model? Or should I model the inner mouth seperatly?

I plan on having my character do a lot of opening of his mouth with screaming and yelling. I want to try and make the mouth pretty flexible. I know the teeth will help cover a lot.
Be warned, my website is free and has pop ups. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Scroll down for the mouth animation.

Also have a look at Martin’s Demon video.

I personally think there isn’t such a thing as too much geometric details,unless you’re talking about modeling skin pores.

Good luck


Thank you, that helps a lot. :slight_smile:


I tend to build pretty far into the mouth, but that’s because I know very well that some of the shapes I plan on building involve “rolling” the lips outwards. When that happens, you basically have to “slide” all your rows into eachother’s place, to keep the look of skin. That means that I have to build BACK as much as I intend to pull FORWARD. Usually two-three rows PLUS a row or two for good measure (never know where that camera’s going to be!)


Ok, so I decided how to model the inner mouth, but here’s another question:

How do I model hair?

I’m doing subdiv’s in Maya, so should I just polygon split the existing parts of the head to create some sculpted hair? Or do I make a hair piece/wig sorta thing? Which is the better method?

My character will be a bit cartoony looking, so “plastic ken doll” hair would be ideal for me.

Mostly asking all these questions because I’m following Jae-Jin Choi’s basic subdivisional head tutorial, but he doesn’t show how to model hair (or the inner mouth, and I’ll probably end up asking more questions as I come across them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).


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