İnner Earth


An idea of ​animated series aiming at the center of the world. It is an animated film series in the Inner World, aimed at showing cliffs, waterfalls, canyon systems, underground mines, lava systems and structures that no one can even imagine in the context of fantastic images.
Respectively; The camera will animate the center of the Earth in five main stages in the form of the earth’s crust, the outer mantle, the inner mantle, the outer core and the inner core. Each phase will have its own distinctive stages.

Objective: To contribute to world peace by drawing attention to the harmony and enormity of the Inner World.


Nice idea in my opinion.

Have you considered working with the BBC Earth people on this?

They have made geology themed productions in the past.


I agree, very admirable especially in this day and age of unprecedented exploitation of the planet’s resources too the detriment of everything else, ‘US’ included, that being the perpetrators themselves i.e. Mankind!

At face value I assess this project will be long term both in production and financial support. With that in mind have you a plan of some sort underpinning this venture?

I’ll also recommend taking a look at similar idea’s that’ve gained traction on crowd funding sites.


The attraction of the unknown!

Determining the route to the center of the world. Transforming ideas into draft drawings. Step-by-step detailing of draft drawings.

The inner world is in harmony with itself
and not in no way dependent on the outer earth.

Northern lava system

Cataclastic Rock

Drilling Area


Pyroclastic Current

to the deep…
to the deepest…


Hi Sacboi, have you any recommendation about crowd funding sites?


Some reference images,


As one of the researchers who entered the cave in 1995 explains some things: Hang Son Doong cave is a great danger to humanity. If i were at your place, I would not even step into the forest where you are going to visit.