Inner City Environment WIP


Here’s some wip renders of a down town environment so far. Comments and suggestions welcome. Also if anybody happens to know how to get 3DSMax and MentalRay to use a tiff with an alpha channel help a guy out please. Help with adjusting the bias of shadows with MentalRay would also be very much appreciated… it doesn’t seem to be working for me right now as is. :slight_smile:


Err… it’s kind of hard to critique this because I’m not sure what you’re trying to do. Right now it looks like a model city with some R/C cars in it.

However, I’ll give it my best shot…

  • Alot of your textures need a ton of work. The windows on the side of the building in the foreground are at the wrong height. They need to be lowered.
    -The bricks look very large too, so the texture needs to be scaled down alot.
    -The texture on the side of the building does not line up with the texture on the front.
    -All of your textures need more detail… they look washed out.
    -All of your textures appear to have the same shader… you should change the gloss, specular, ambient, etc. settings to get the textures to look more accurate.
    -You need to add alot more geometry detail to your buildings if you want your render to look life-size… in fact, everything needs more detail if you want it to look life-size.
    -I can’t tell what the silvery-shiny thing is 2/3 up the front of the building.
    -The street lights are way too small.
    -The lighting in your scene is flat. Put in some spot lights or area lights to get some better looking shadows… You should put them at angles to so that you can see your shadows cast.

What you have going for you…

  • The car models look pretty good… they just need more detail and better textures.
  • The dumpster looks good. You should strive to match the detail of everything else in your scene with the dumpster.

I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m going to hard on you. It will just take a lot of time to get your render looking like you want it… it always does.


Don’t worry fire away. You’re helping a lot. :slight_smile:


Ok I worked on the bricks and made them smaller. Hopefully I didn’t make them too small.

The “silvery-shiny thing is 2/3 up the front of the building” :slight_smile: was a failed experiment to use a tiff with an alpha layer to create a railing out of a simple block. It didn’t work, so I’ll model it out and retexture it. I just wanted to see if it was possible. With MentalRay screaming bloody murder about the tiff I guess its not.

Hopefully you’ll continue the feedback.

edit: heres another view


Much better! :thumbsup:

The builiding looks a hundred times better, and the lights made a big improvement to the scene. Honestly, this is a drastic improvment.

A couple more crits…
-Unless you plan to have the camera zoomed out a long ways, you should meshsmooth your cars.
-Before you start getting into texturing you should finish adding details to your scene. For example, add some more geometry to your buildings, and put some more objects into your environment.

Keep with it!


Thanks. :smiley:

I know all about renders never working out the way I want the first thousand times or so. Joe Pasquale hammered that in real well when I talked to him. :thumbsup: I’ve found that if I render frames out while I’m off living life I can come back and see whats working and whats not. It’s kind of hard telling from the viewport.

Case in point the self Illumination seems to either be on or not … I just can’t seem to get a in between that doesn’t look like the 350Z’s tail lights in this image or way too bright.


this did look like a model of a city with some RC cars in it LOL!! but now with lighting its looking much better :slight_smile: now the ground texture where the orange racer and the dumpster is that needs to be a bit dirtier if your not good with layered shaders (i dunno if they have those in max) but try to find a dirty concrete texture :wink:

other than that ground its very nice :slight_smile: cars look good too


oh and one more thing I like your shadow setup :wink: very nice the tree is very well shadowe’d
And also those low poly cars are well done :wink:

Keep it up im looking forward to an update


looking much better now from first pic. The brick mesh is good as are the cars.

I would make the dumpster a little less perfect… yanno add some dents, scratches, graffiti or a loose wheel some thing. the red awning… I would loosen it up some, it looks too tight …errr something like that, yanno what I mean ?


Well I managed to find a little bit of time to work on the city today … worked on a weed to have sprouting out of a crack in the pavement. I then Decided I wanted to see how it looked and the blasted MentalRay renderer refuses to render a useable frame. I’ve done nothing to the scene light related and the damn GI keeps giving me crap like this through out the whole frame. :twisted:


Well, I like your second renders as opposed to the night one. You will have to add abunch of lights if you want to make a night render look realistic. Also, the shadows that are cast in the night render do not match up with the light sources. My personal recomendation would be to return to the day shots :slight_smile: .


Sorry for the outburst this lighting issue just sucked all the fun out of the last few hours. Is MentalRay always this corporative? :slight_smile:

Here’s the update. I added some graffiti to the dumpster, a patch of crab grass growing out of a crack in the pavement, and some leafs sprinkled around the ground.

mr.wheels and unclebob thanks for the kind words and suggestions. I’ll continue to add more imperfections to everything. I’ll be sure to make with the dumpster and the dents via my virtual sledge hammer … venting MentalRay frustrations. :wink: Its not in the image but I’m in the middle of modeling in some loose bricks in the building. I’ll be sure to render off a view of it next time.

Edit: Texamosix, the other shot was never meant to be that dark … I turned off the GI and final gather to speed the render up and it got really dark. Lesson learned. 0_o

here’s an upclose view of the leafs … although the ground texture is way to blurry for a final image this close as is. I’ll have to up the road (ok I’m tired I meant to say sidewalk) textures resolution.


I added some dents to the dumpster, started modeling the railing, and added a couple faces to the awning.


Updates for the 350Z


Heres the new body style almost finished. What do you think of the color of the car?


Tweaks to the paint job.


looks better than the first one alot. your skills are improving. just tone down the rice =]


Thanks :slight_smile:

Does anybody know if theres any way I can make only a portion of a map glow? I’d like to get the stripes to have a slight glow to them.


update, I’ve added some crud to the bricks and the dumpster to make them feel more weathered.


Heres a slight tweak with colored lighting and a higher AA sample rate.


oops double post