l have tried inking on my Intuos 2 tablet but the results are rubbish to say the least, its all squiggles. Can somone tell me what I’m doing wrong, failing that can somone provide ‘optimal’ settings for the tablet itself?



It may just be a matter of practice, but in order to tell you what you might be doing “wrong”, we’d first have to know what you’re doing.

For instance:

The specific brush variant(s),

What setting adjustments, if any, have you made to those brush variants,

The specific Paper,

What setting adjustments, if any, have you made to that Paper,

Your image dimensions and Resolution (ppi),

Brush size(s),

Whether you’ve set Brush Tracking (Edit > Preferences > Brush Tracking),

What you Wacom settings are, if you’ve changed any of them from the defaults,

If possible, a demo showing us the unsatisfactory results,

Any more details you can think of that might help.


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