Ingrid Bergman, Max Wahyudi (3D)


Goooooooooooooood job!!

Very nice!


great work!i really admire your work!and your demo reel!
thousand stars from the sky for you!
keep it up!!


can you share rending tutorial


very good congratulations. My only critic is about hair, it looks a little bit like baby-doll hair.


amazing work for your Ingrid Bergman reel !!! get rid of of bruce in ur reel man! Congrats, nice


very realistic in capturing human features. nice job!


Your work is amazing.


Hey there, that’s some serious cg human over here. I’m impressed by the eyes and the skin shading !

Theres one thing I’d like to know tho. you mentioned you used Maya for rendering with mental ray and used xsi for modeling, but is there a precise reason why you didn’t just render ed in xsi ?!.. Because the integration of mental ray is perfect in it and it just popped this question in my head. I guess it might be cause of the hair you combed ans cut in maya, but if theres a precise reason I’d be curious to know !

Anyway, its a great piece you got there !



amazing work! as I expected. I don’t think i have to say good luck for your job hunting anymore hehehe. Have fun in with your work and hope to see you again man.


That’s amazing~!


Hey Max, characters look great!
Hair, textures, modeling all are 10/10!
One thing that did stick out to me, was the lower mid-jaw area. When the animation starts of at a slight profile-3/4 angle of her (she has her mouth slightly open), she looks perfect!
However when she closes her mouth and does a slight head shift (tear rolls down), the jawbone to mid-side chin area looks slightly over-rounded (this it seems is occuring during animation (emotion of holding back her tears), because your model geometry looks fine). (See. Casablanca clip for reference

Sorry for nitpicking :wink:

Thank You for resurrecting this classic actress!

Great job overall! :cool:


saw ur demo … mind blowing…impressive work…


WOW. That is totally amazing. You are a true master!


realy amazing work


the expresion facial this very well achieved



Move one work of person

I have remembered the mother love great ~5


Super work

the lips are alittle weak but the env, light, everything is just good…


Sorry I cant s’eak 'ight; ay jaw stiw ong the hloor…


Beatiful work! I love the soft lighting. Great modeling, texturing and render.


Nice work!I like it!Keep it up!