Ingrid Bergman, Max Wahyudi (3D)


Title: Ingrid Bergman
Name: Max Wahyudi
Country: Indonesia
Software: After Effects, Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, XSI, ZBrush

A Tribute to Ingrid Bergman.

Modeled in XSI, Zbrush. Rendered in Maya using mental ray, and the hair is using Shave & Haircut

Link to the Animation/Demo Reel:

High Res (2500px wide):

There are some behind the scene stuff on my website:

Thank you for watching,

Max Wahyudi


Very cool ! Man ! Five stars! I can’t say anything!


Wow beautifull, congrats !


i know this won’t come as a surprise to you …WOW the realism!!!
…and congratulations for putting up a reel like the one you just did:thumbsup:


5 Stars … awesome … the detail is great … it is hard to different from a photo.

greetings turri

plans you to make a tutorial about ?? skinshading and lighting ist interessting for me


wow! great man.nice modeling and skin shader. lovely and lively eyes. you have done a great showreel also. i like every aspects in it. :bounce:


Ha, poting photos is not cool, Max :smiley:

awessome man, but you know that! 5* from me!!


Hi Max, it’s incredibly realistic. How much time did it take for you to model and texture her?



Beautiful work! very well done all around :slight_smile: you’ll get all five from me too.

/ Magnus


Yes! I quote Ville! Awsome Work Max!!! :drool:


Awesome! Realistic!

The hair and skin is great, the light and coloring is great, and the background really fits the scene.



You must see the animation!!!

Is a impresive piece of work and dedication.

My best wish man :applause:


You have one of the best reels I’ve ever seen, thanks for inspiring me to be better artist :slight_smile: .


OMG! i hate you!..this is just amazing…what is your way to do this amazing jobs!..i want lo learn to do images like that! are the master!:applause:


Impressive work man. 5 *


Great work on the expressive eyes. I can see a real depth of feeling there- very difficult to do. One of the best I’ve seen in a long time. :applause:


looking very realistic :thumbsup: nice modeling and texturing… congrats !


that’s a bit scary man, too realistic lol.



what can I say? so realism!


you have high skills keep them up !