Ingame Models in action! (mild militarity)


We did a lot of Vehicles (ground, airborne, water) and Weapons for “Söldner - Secret Wars” and dicide to do a little demo with all the models.

have fun:

Soldner Modelling Demo (30 MB mov)

Modelling / Texturing done with 3dsmax
Rendering done with CEBAS finalRender Stage 1

hit us with crits, comments and jobs :wink:



Absolutely Gorgeous , liked the presentation sooo much , good work


Two words… "Visually stunning"


Ubelievable. The presentation was highly highly proffessional, and it was focused, there was a clear point to the demo.



The models are looking great, and they are only lowpoly !! Also the textures are great.
You put all together and the animation with sound is also very nice.



Excellent job, reel looks awesome. Loved the transition from wireframe to the models. Awesome job !!!



I just wanted to hint at two hi-res pictures,
featuring the models.

One for vehicle nerds:

And one for weapon nerds:



thanks for the nice comments!



God these mini movies are amazing. how do you guys do these things? is there a tut somewhere showing how to do this sort of thing?

I am In aww at all of them that I’ve seen but i think I like this one a little bit more. Amazing work… I am so jelious!


Simply rocking! The flow and timing with the music is exceptional. Great job on real-world type camera angles and compositions. The reel totaly shows off the superb modeling and texturing jobs. Well done!


thanks for the comments. Yes, we tried to show the Ingame stuff in a more cinematic style. Mainly to show, that we are able to do both: Ingame assets AND cinematics.
Cool you like it! :slight_smile:



I know this isn’t your fault, as you were part of the modeling, etc. but that game was the worst game I have ever played!

Good work though on the models, etc! :slight_smile:


Wow… totally amazing video. The presentation is awesome, the music, camera angles etc. Love the transitions from wire to solid to textured. Great work :slight_smile:


Pollo, unfortunately you are right :confused:
This project was so big in general. So much weapons and vehicles. The game has a destruction system, you can blow up every house and even terraform the terrain.
The soldiers have a gesture system with sensefull (and nonsense) gestures for nonverbal communication and, and, and…
The gamecompany (Wings Simulation) pushed the releasedate again and again.
And in the end, they released a seriously buggy version: “Söldner - Secret Wars”.
I never heard about a relaunch of a game, but they did it: “Söldner - Reloaded”.
Anyway, short after release, Jowood closed the Company, but finished the Addon “Söldner - Marine Corps”.
The idea behind the game is good, no question. But I guess Players prefer a tank that doesn’t turn upside down, after hitting a tree, instead of choosing between 73 different vehicles.
Did I really say this? nono, Developers: DO AS MANY VEHICLES AS POSSIBLE IN YOUR GAMES!!!

Anyway, we did our best to make this game cool, and were truely dissapointed that it fails.

December: thanks :slight_smile:



Well, if it makes you feel better (1) the problems weren’t because of something you did (2) it’s a better game than I could have made :slight_smile:


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