Infosection , (3D)



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nice character
it’s amazing for the further video game
nice low polygon!
and nice FUR and nice V-RAY


Nice work, I really enjoy your style. The texturing is impressive. Impressive work on you website as well. :cool:


cool character, but i also think the fur is a little wierd.


What a great character! Another addition to your long list of amazing work Richard. :slight_smile:


I really HOPE you anim him!!!

If not, please permit to someone to animate it!! :smiley:

p.s. I’m an animator…la lalla la’…


amaizing :buttrock:
front page!!!



reminds me of

but i HATE the hair on the nose, it’s disgusting (to me)
of the mole



looks like the character belongs to the Crash Bandicoot’s family…

anywayz really orignal and cool…:eek:


I REALLY like it. Reminds me of a Sendak character. Good show.


A+ work i must say. Its a character that has a lot of personality and a story could easily involve him. Great work



I say leave the fur the way it it. The dirtbad hedgehog look is in this season. He’d loose his BADASS appeal if the fur was softer. I would like to see some teath seperation though. Maybe 1 missing tooth ? Come on then he’d be unstopable. lol. Ok all jokes aside, I’d go to the theater to see this MOFO use his rocketlauncher. Excelent work :buttrock:


Im not usually the type to come on to a thread and blow more hot air into someones head…BUT you sir deserve every last breath i got. YOUR site honestly humbled me beyond all reason:)

You rock fellow Canuck!!! :beer:


Great design…its easy to show the characterlistic and easy to tell story…anyway, its remind me “silivan”…:stuck_out_tongue: btw will it be animate?!


just LOVE IT!:scream:


Great work with getting a LOT of personality out of that character. You can really feel what it is feeling. Excellent!


very nice work. Are you going to animate it? Would be funny seeing him do some stuff.


great , great great !!:thumbsup:
I love it :thumbsup:
gratulations:applause: :applause:


Can’t wait to see him animated! :scream:



:eek: :eek: :surprised OUCH MY EYES