Infosection , (3D)


Title: Infosection
Name: Richard Rosenman
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max Photoshop VRay
Submitted: 4th September 2003

This was a job for Infosection, a German company, that required four different renders of a newly designed character to serve as their upcoming video game host. As you can see, it was decided early in the production that the character would have fur, which therefore required a fair amount of research and development regarding fur solutions for 3dsmax. In the end, Shag:Hair was used because it provided unlimited flexibility and control over every aspect of the fur. The character was lit using traditional lighting techniques in conjunction with global illumination.

POST Magazine Siggraph front cover featuring Swead:

Swead is now featured in a spot for Jamba! You can check it out here:
Jamba! Mobile

For more info including credit list and additional renders please go to:

The official “Swead” project page.



Dang, this is Pixar quality, amazing stuff, I love your sketeches,too. -hf


Amazing stuff man…Great conceptual visualization, and you achieved it brillianty


very nice caracter :thumbsup:


great !!! really cool stuning image:D


well done …

the character design is great!!!


ok that is amazing…altho the fur :shame: its not too good…should be fixed :slight_smile: other than that its :thumbsup:


Great job Richard. I rellay like the sketch of him on a vine on your site.

On review, the third image looks remarkably similar to a guy I saw by the crap table in the Bellagio a couple of weeks ago…hmmm…

Really well done.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Excellent character, very funny! :slight_smile:


Great work!

I would love to see this guy in an animation.


:drool: Very well done. Is it going to be animated?


Fantastic work as usual Richard, you never cease to amaze me with your stuff :thumbsup:


great design as usual:rolleyes:




front page stuff!!


very nice work
allot of style and personality
good jizob


Wonderful models and renders. Add 100$ bills :thumbsup: .


absolutely fall in love with you!


you’re the one

:drool: :drool: :drool:


great character! real funny!!:applause: :thumbsup:


Great detail. I think the back ground he needs to be in is a grocery store. :thumbsup: