Infantry Fighting Vehicle - YPR 765 PRI


One of my recent models from work which I quite like.

Created in 3ds MAX 9 and textures in photoshop with reference material from Prime Portal which is an amazing site for military photos of all kinds -

The image is a collection of direct screengrabs (Printscreen) from Max’s viewports.

I used the DirectX Metalbump9 shader in the material rollout to display the normal and spec.
(if anyone knows a better DirectX viewport shader please say)

And yes there is a bit of stretching on the textures on the armour chamfers but deadlines are very tight and i overdid this model as it was with around 30-35 hours(ish) of work.


pretty cool tank,

nothing to say so much otherwise than already mentionned , texture streching.

should be nice to see it in action in game environnment.

Thanks for the web link, nice picture there !


yup keep at it! It’s looking good!


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