Hi, you got very strong and impressive entry here! I like how you put the light and shadows, and of course this incredible serpantine :thumbsup: !
Good luck, BaronImpossible!


Wow this one is avesome :slight_smile: one of the best.


PELENG - Thanks very much :slight_smile:

imperioli - Cheers!


:surprised Impossible work! Many sweet details, relistic lightening, super idea and great style. Your painting is very dynamical, there is lot of action. But this work isn’t in Yerka style. When I see your Crab, I think you will win. Ohhh… Why I don’t have tablet?!


slew - Heh, cheers, and yes - get a tablet! :slight_smile:


Great work! I like the details of the cities and factories on the lands.


Beatrix - cool, thanks


Hey Simon,
What can I say to a master? to state the obvious I guess…
No doubt this one is on a different league then most of the stuff around. very inspiring, and free of creative limits. the twisted architecture of the world you’ve created here is just amazing, and the small details are fun to watch, and to find every time some new cool part.
My only crit, which is probably why you choose to do a new piece beside this one, is the dynamic composition that is not typical to Yerka style. nevertheless. you covered all the options (god knows how you manage to produce such amazing drawing in such short time) so your prize is guaranteed, I hope.
Keep them coming:applause:


lioration - Thanks for the comments, much appreciated. I wish I could be as optimistic but I can find numerous faults when I look back at this now. Serves me right for rushing :slight_smile: Still, it was a fun challenge and it always helps to do something different once in a while.


Wow … Just awsome :wink:


darkevil2 - Thanks, glad you like it :slight_smile:


Gosh Simon your art has really gone into its own universe, you just keep getting better, love your realistic surrealism :P…take care



Thanks Marley - haven’t seen you around recently, hope everything’s going well :slight_smile:



[left]I visited your portfolio. Your work is impressive. I was very touched by Hopper and his partner. Very beautiful and touching image. It’s one, i’m sure that I’ll nerver forget. [/left]

[left]I’m sorry for my so limited english. [/left]


Thanks jill, glad you like them :slight_smile:


hey baron,
is your self proclaimed apprentice…haha. just wondering, did you win yet? and are you currently working for any projects or studio? I would love to follow your projects.


MDSchee - Heh, cheers! Well, the results aren’t out yet but I guess they’ll be pretty soon… No current projects (other boring stuff to consider) so I’m just doing Dominance War at the moment in the other forum :slight_smile:


Congratulations in your placement. Your work is always a treat to look at. Inspiring!
Speaking of which, that inspiration link in your sig is addicting.


Thanks v much, Bill - much appreciated!

My inspiration page, somewhat ironically, was the result of getting hacked off with a piece of art and deciding to do some geek stuff instead :slight_smile:


Congratulations Simon!