PerryE - Thanks, glad you like it!


wow, love the dynamic here! great concept!


ArneSReismueller - Thanks for the comment :slight_smile:


I understand what you mean about the difficulty of how much to put into this with one type of style or another and still keep it original and on track with Mr. Yerka. I think that you did a good job I look forward to your next entry and how you tackle that problem.


tiello - Thanks, shouldn’t be long now til the next one, I think I need to blitz it before the detail drives me mental and I explode


Great job! I love it! Weldone!


this is unfair …i wanna win ,but this is some serious competition, I totally wanna do another entry.


GusEco - Thanks!

lynch - Nah, I wanna win! :slight_smile: Probably not with this one though. Still, lots of time left!


Hey its really nice … i love the concept… Great going …



btw do check mine

My surreal entry


great work man, love the shapes, especially how they’re emphasized in the smoke. Good luck


leoartz - Thanks, glad you like it :slight_smile:

Rivenis - Cheers and good luck to you too


Fantastic!! Great level of detail and cool composition! Hope you’ll win! =)


Aldeba - Thanks, me too :slight_smile:


One of the best work,and concept!:bowdown:


great piece!


adib - Thanks, appreciated

IronBrush - cheers!


Wow its really like a industrial city, super cool place to go on vacations, tecnologic, and clasic city too! woow live in a place like that! jaja really like it! excelent work BaronImpossible! the colors are really Yerka, and compositions its good too, brake out the clasic position of camera, good luck!


FedericoBoraso - Thanks, I reckon it would be cool to live in a place like that, or at least visit for holidays :slight_smile:


One of my favourtites of all the entries - the colours are just right and it really makes this piece shine - great work.:thumbsup: