nice composition… very surreal…

my surreal challenge-WIP thread:


Wow! my favorite so far… Right on with the colors!
-As for the giant crab, let me guess; huge cityscape on the carapace…?


wooow… great work man… i like it alot… very nice concept


kennychaffin - Exactly :slight_smile:

cgdigi - Thanks!

sutefuan - Not a city, but it does have something on its back… Just started it this evening so I’m still thinking of things to put in it. And thanks for the encouragement!

ranggaumbas - Cheers!


great idea and colors its my favorite entry
wish you luck


solid piece man! looks like i have to work harder :wink:


You use only 2D matte painting, or something is in 3D. Beautiful work…



amazing piece, my mind was just blown away!


Truly amazing! Very impressive work, I just can’t wait to see your next entry!
Good luck!


chrom - Thanks, great to hear that!

rucish - Glad you like it, thanks

eduroam - No 3D, no matte, just Painter :slight_smile:

Mokaleaf - Thanks v much!

galeon - Cheers, I think I can get my next one sorted in the next couple of weeks



Love it! Just had a look at your website/gallery as well. Very impressive work! I hope I can get near to that kind of work as some point.

Thank you for sharing your work!


I’ve been a fan of your work for a while. This piece is great!


kennychaffin - thanks v much, appreciated :slight_smile:

ElChristopho - Cool, happy you like it!


Very impressive entry! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Good luck to you!


Phill99 - Cheers, I’m on it! :slight_smile:


You are a very skillful artist and have captured much of Jacek’s style.


webwings - Thanks a lot, nice of you to say


WOW! This one is my favourite at this point! Good luck for the competition!


Nakarinen - thanks v much!


Fantastic work! Good Luck.