Industrialize, Philip Straub (2D)


this is great! 5stars


It’s been awhile since I actually made this picture so I don’t particluarly remember. The exercise for the magazine Q and A was to demonstrate how to create a high tech image quickly…so, I know I used some custom brushes based on photos to speed the process…



No problem :wink: … regarding this piece, I think you are on good course :slight_smile:


Great composition and technique, but what really makes it stand out for me are the athmosphere and sense of scale.

Top notch work!


Great work!




Fantastic work and painting congratulations


Wow…just wow. Just out of curiousity…what’s was the final dimensions/Resolution of your picture? You sure managed to pack a lot of detail there.


2 words…“Holy Balls”
That’s awesome, and unless you have a custom brush that paints that exact image… it’s an amazing feat to accomplish that in such a short amount of time.

Crit: The guy in yellow, 2nd from the right looks a little too sad and/or perhaps bloated from his lunch.


Amazing! I love your sceneries, how varied they are and the thought that is put into each stroke of detail. I’m especially in love with the changing colors and the state of distress the architecture is in. Beautiful and inspirational to look at :slight_smile:


Very nice work Phil, like always.

Good luck with everything…you don’t need it!




[/QUOTE][QUOTE] “If you’re really looking for the traditional “turn your paper” feel…I recommend you give Painter a try. It has just that option:0 As for Photoshop, you can use the line tool or shift click from one point to another thus creating a line…only some brushes work well with this feature.”

That’s great news. I went to the Moscone Center exposition years ago and visited the Painter booth, it was at the far end. The salesman there told me they had bought Painter, it was sold again. I asked them about the upgrade price and he told me that, again, I would have to buy a new program at top price. He said that was what Photoshop did. I asked him to walk up to the Photoshop booth, and see that you could upgrade from any previous version for $150 at the time. Apparently he got the message as I received a similar upgrade offer in the mail. But only now do I feel the urge to upgrade, if this tilt function really works. Any more comments on the tilt feature would be cool- do you use it?


really nice detail.5*
great job.Good luck

Hamed katebi


Great focal point…detail flows from the top the the ground…

master of composition…any wip?


Props… one of your best yet.


Hi Philip,

a very great style…I like it :thumbsup:


Sweet perspertive and what amaze me even more is that u only took 2 to 3 hours how do u do that? i know its all about custom brushes but could u kindly do a run through on your process of the painting?


I love your enviromental works much…good camera angle


Very nice work! :thumbsup:


Now that’s unbelievable…very, very good work…you must know your subject matter very well to pull this off so quickly…5tars!!


great as usual. is there any photo referances in custom brushes or you just painted them?