Industrialize, Philip Straub (2D)


Title: Industrialize
Name: Philip Straub
Country: USA
Software: Painter, Photoshop

Another painting originally created for the Q and A section in Uk based fantasy magazine, ImagineFX. If I recall correctly the question, was “how do I create a high tech environment quickly.” All in all the image probably took about 2-3 hours and I utltilzed a variety of custom brushes in Photoshop to complete the image quickly.

As always, all crits and comments are welcome. Thanks for looking.




Very powerful perspective and composition.


Yes, I remember this image from the magazine. This is one of my favourites images that you have done! I would love to see how you drew this! :slight_smile:


I remember that issue as well. Great work as always Mr. Straub!



Yes , custom brushes+photoshop are powerfull tool …if you know how to use them :slight_smile: Final image is amazing .worth 5 stars or more

Can you tell how you draw straight line in photoshop with custom (or any brush) , without using line tool or freetransform modifications? Is it even possible to get straight ,sharp brush stroke using just freehand skills ? As a student I learned to draw that kind of lines with traditional tools like pencil etc on paper , but it was easier bcause we were able to turn canvas to get easier ange for stroke ( forme it was from 2o’clock to 7-8 o’clock). i have a problem with that using tablet becuse even I turned it , I can’t turn the monitor so it is useless( I think that could be possible on Cinq ).As a result I get straingt lines in vertical but when i try to draw in horizotal the line is never 100% straight ,or even arc - unless i draw in perpendicular and then use freetransform to set right perspective.


A very good and quick job!:thumbsup: Very cool!


Thanks you:) I wish I had progress shots for you…alas I don’t…sorry:)



If you’re really looking for the traditional “turn your paper” feel…I recommend you give Painter a try. It has just that option:0 As for Photoshop, you can use the line tool or shift click from one point to another thus creating a line…only some brushes work well with this feature.

I hope that helps:)



this is great!:thumbsup: a big kudos for ya


nice work:thumbsup: I like it


WOW! This is simply spectacular! The perspective, the colors and all those details… :buttrock: I am deeply impressed. ***** Britta


Great work! I like it better than your Battlestar image! Very impressive picture! Did you use some photo for example the sky or all thing is painted?


Holy cow, simply amazing work. There’s so much in this image, and yet it reads clearly. The scale, color, perspective, atmospherics, lighting, and composition are all working great. This only took you 2-3 hours? That’s very impressive . . . I will now proceed to hang my head in shame. Heh, well not really.

Lovely piece.


Great image, The perspective give a lot of dramatism. The colouring and composition is superb. Congratulations Philip


very good perspective and brushes nice job 4*:thumbsup:


Very very cool job! :buttrock:


Usually I don’t admire your works much, but this one is perfect … 5* :thumbsup:


Wow what a wonderful image ! :eek:
Every thing are great …
5 stars .
Cheers .


ha ha…thanks for letting me know you don’t normally like my paintings but, you DO like this one. :slight_smile: Hoepfully the ones to follow will continue the trend…



this is great!