Indoor Scene


Hello all,

After I got some help from Lamice, I worked on an indoor scene using MAX 6 and Brazil R/S. I got the following result:

I’d like some opinions on what I should improve or change on the scene and/or the rendering.

Thanks =)


that’s what happens when you get help from lamice :cry:
lots of stuff steph (( but it’s ok for the first time ))
1- scalling of your objects
make your objects a bit smaller
2-camera postion
3- stretching on your maerial
you need to unwrapp your texture (( and use another one ))
4-the scene is a bit dark
5-also use a better texture for your floor
6-add some detail (( couch , vase , table , … ))
7-look at other pics (( go to the gallery of cgtalk and then compare yours …))
8-i think you need to adjust your light
just fix those and then post again .

ps : your ok steph but be patient .


:thumbsup: Ok Lamice, thanks for the advices. Lol, you helped out a lot.
I will make some changes and then post it again when it’s done.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Also the chairs need a little more detail. It looks a bit like a solid molded piece of plastic. Try divding the sides and back into separate pieces, then maybe add a pad/cushion where you would sit. Good start though!



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