Indonesian Martial Art Animation


Hello everyone, I made this animation about an Indonesian martial art called silat. I hope you like it. Comments and critics are welcome. Thanks!


This is a great start.
I dont quite understand why you need all the camera moves, so maybe you should just put the camera in front of the guy and not move it, that way the viewer can see all the animation and the way the character moves.
The next big issue is that you dont have the proper weight shifts in this shot, take the very first move for instance the character just lifts his left leg up, which is impossible to do, if you try to do the move yourself you will first move the weight over the right leg and then lift the leg up. So maybe you should go through the shot and see if you can keep the character balanced properly.

Good luck.


Hey, yeah, you’re right about the leg lift. Thanks for the tips! I did the camera moves because it looked kinda fun to do that. Acually, I had leaves falling from the sky too but I thought it was a bit too much :slight_smile:


what Yasha said for sure

I just want to say good stuff and you have a great start here. I’d love to see you finish it as a fan of Silat myself

good luck!


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