individual joint isn´t affected by IK


Hi there,

I have a problem with rigging my character. Its Spine consists of 4 Joints from the pelvis to the neck. Now I´d like to control it with an IK Spline Handle - the problem is that the second joint (the first child of the pelvis) won´t get affected by the generated curve, it does not move at all (the others do).
The same problem occurs when I attach a regular IK Handle, no matter at which joint I place the handle.
I have an older version of the same scene where everythings fine - unfortunately I cannot find any differences between the two versions concerning that joint.

Hope that someone can help me -



…my first post in this forum and already a stupid one. I had checked the attributes of the “frozen” joint but not those of its parent. Its rotation was simply locked.
Sorry for bothering.


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