Indie Game Project Needs You!



We are a team creating a multiplayer competitive dodgeball game looking for an artist to Model and Texture 3D characters. There are currently only 2 characters needing created (This can expand depending on how quickly they are done and how well received the game is) and you do not need lots of experience but we would like you to have at least used Blender or something similar in the past.

This project is Rev-Share so there is no payment up front and you will instead get a cut of whatever the game earns.

We currently have an animator who is willing to rig the models so if you are concerned about that we have it covered. The team is pretty laid back and we’d love to get to know you socially as well as professionally, when you are making indie games with small teams it’s pretty vital that everyone gets along.
We are focused on getting a good game out there that we enjoy both making and playing.

You will be working with blender for this project and it is being developed with the Unity engine, as previously stated you don’t need to be a pro but please make up for any lack of experience with an eagerness to learn.

So if it sounds like something you are interested in then please get in touch by emailing me at ""