Indiana Jones (Temple of Doom-style), Maxim Fleury (3D)


Title: Indiana Jones (Temple of Doom-style)
Name: Maxim Fleury
Country: Netherlands
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

This started out as a likeness which I then worked out to match my favorite Indy poster from temple of doom. Did my main modeling in Maya and took it pretty far in poly’s. Then took it to Zbrush for the fine detail and texturing. Rendered in Maya with Mental ray with a little post in Photoshop.

Hope you like it, comments are welcome.

Cheers, M


Well it looks nothing like Harrison Ford, but its still a pretty damn good job.Well done



i think it bears a strong resemblance to harrison ford

there are some lighting issues that make the facial features less pronounced, I think you’ve done excellent work

i would create many, much less intense lights, maybe this will add some depth to the shading


i like it a lot! he could be a little more defined though.


:slight_smile: HaHa Likes your work, but likes the handsome.


Details of the representative of the Herson Ford , but the work and color, lighting is very beautiful

good luck 4 ever :beer:


Thanks guys, as to the fact of the likeness not being perfect, those damn eyes are giving me problems, changed them quite a few times now and haven’t nailed it yet. In Zbrush the likeness is spot on (even if I say so myself) but in this perspective I can’t get it to work. I’ll have to work on it some more i guess and get it completely right. It’ll have to wait a bit thouogh since I’m moving and got other work.

As to the lighting, it is actually quite a few lights with only the backlighting strong, the others are all fill in some capacity.

Well I appreciate the comments!

Cheers, M


I don’t see how anyone could mistake him for anything else than Harrison Ford; amazing likeness!

I agree that the lighting could be better, but the model detail is awesome!

Maybe the grip around the sword/whip could be more believable.

Great job!



to give the op the honest truth, no, it doesn’t really look like Harrison Ford, so if that is your goal, you will need to spend alot more time on the face , mainly on his eyes.

but then the overall product wise, it is actually pretty well executed. The modeling, texturing and lighting works quite well, it’s just that he doesn’t look like the Harrison Ford version of Indy…

be careful with your reference, your reference seems to be a painting of Indy, which in a way already lose some of his real life characteristics, so I hope you are not using that picture as your reference for your model…

some suggestion that may help:

  1. try to lower his eye brows so they are closer to his eyes than now. Harrison Ford has a sharper look than your model.

  2. his eye direction seems to be losing focus, try to adjust it a bit.

other than those, I think it’s ideal to roloscope your character’s head on top of Ford’s real life picture and line up the eye shape and brow lines.

good luck :smiley:


WOw! that is cool. its been said already but the face is a little off. the eyes need to be a little more squinty, and the mouth you modeled is a bit to wide. but thats Indy!
keep up the good work! :bounce:


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