Indiana Jones and the Lost Project, Peter Han (3D)


Title: Indiana Jones and the Lost Project
Name: Peter Han
Country: USA

So… this image is 5 years old, low poly realtime model created for a project that could have been. No photos were used in the creation of the textures and the render was not retouched.

This was done at Collective Studios, now known as Double Helix, sometime after Indiana Jones and the Emporer’s Tomb shipped. Hoping to work on another game, we did some R & D for a possible sequel. New, polished character models were created and the Indiana Jones model completely redone.

There was an amazing prototype that was up and running with updated gameplay, but unfortuneately this project never happened. Probably could have been the greatest Indy game ever. : ) Unfortuneately due to things out of the hands of the studio and suprisingly, even the publisher, nothing came about.

But after all these years, it was still probalby the most fun project i’ve ever worked on and since after the new movie came out, i just decided to dust off these images.


Hee :slight_smile: I think he looks good. You’ve achived a nice Jones-expression and the likeness is 8/10 :wink:
Always funny to bring old projects back again. Brings back memories and “skills” hehe



cool work,but i think his torso seems a bit small or maybe there is something wrong with my eyes,just check it once.Other than that he is looking good.


very nice.


Here are additional color renders of the model. Aaah, memories.


this is nice modeling … the third pic is the most one like real character of Harison ford … you’ve done great job with low poly ,… very very nice
keep going


i’m agree with guys , it’s really cool model and also your texturing is great :thumbsup:


nice character! and 5 years old, nice :slight_smile:


Very good modeling, texturing and mood. Congrats! :slight_smile:


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