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Hi all,

This is my first try in digital sculpting, i choose mudbox over ZB because of the UI and navigation.

I spent about 3 hours on this one starting with the default head provided by mudBox.

C&C are very welcome!!!

Last Update:

Original Post:


Thats pretty impressive, considering you started from a basic mudbox head. Okay I think the shape of the head from the side view looks a bit weird, and the eyes are a bit too high but I don’t know how you’ll edit that in mudbox, unless you import it to another program or something.


i cannot see the eyes height problem but i do Agree about the side view!
will fix it, somehow :buttrock:

thanks for the comment!


Here is an update:

  1. I did lowered the eyes a little bit
  2. the side is fixed, the nose changed


here is another update
head proportions changed, as well as nose


another update


Are you going off a real live person for reference? If yes post a picture or two so we can see if this person really looks like this, because atm this person doesn’t look real. A lot of his proportions are off. He looks good, but if you are really going for a believable and real person then people will be calling you out on those proportions unless you show some reference to back it up. At the moment the eyes are far to small, if he was squinting maybe i could understand the size but it doesnt look like he is squinting, just looks like the eyes are small. As stated befor the eyes are a little high, but also the ears are low, which together make them seem even further out of porportion. The eyes should be at the halfway mark from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head, and the eyes shouldnt be that high above the ears. Bring the eyes down a tad and the ear up a little and that will help a lot. Also his Head shouldn’t be narrowing as it gets to the top. When you look at someone straight on, their face will fit in a box, so the width of the jaw should be the width of the skull. lastly the nose seems a little too big but if you fix the eyes size I dont think it will be to big a issue. Hope this helps, looking forward to seeing more.


Really like the definition!!! Great job on capturing the features!


Like the progress.
I was going to list the same issues as Daybreak3r. He just beat me to it! If you are not creating any real person in particular, I still urge you to find reference of someone who looks similar and use him as a guide.
Keep working!


Daybreak3r, usma1000:
Hi Guys, thanks a lot for the c&c!
This head is totally from imagination, no references.
I think as you that at this point i should relay on some references, while i still using the imagination in global.
will post updates soon and see how it comes

Thanks, i am still adding more features, hope you will like the updates.


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