Indepth tutorial on how to create a procedural canyon material at CGWorks


I have written an indepth tutorial on how to create a procedural canyon material which includes the canyon wall, cracked mud and water in the same shader. It makes use of two bitmaps and vertex colour masks, together with a lot of procedurals to produce a detailed shader. Hopefully it will inspire people to play around with procedural materials and at the same time show that you can come quite far with them.

My version looks like this:

Get to the tutorial here:

Direct link:[/b]


hey thanks.
nice site as well…didn’t know about it till now :slight_smile:



sweet, ive been looking for a tutorial like this :buttrock: thanks a lot man…


Great job, and thanks for sharing.:thumbsup:


Nice, tutorial! I havn’t looked through it completely yet, but wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to create separate materials for mud, rocks etc and use a blend material to decide what material goes where?

That way it would be easier to make modifications to the different materials without having to search through the somewhat intimidating shader tree… maybe I’m just missing something.

Anyhow great job!



The site seems to be down, anyone else able to connect?


Yeah…can’t get to it. Hopefully it will be back up soon. Looks really good.



the canyon wall looks great but is that water in the middle of the ground? if it is, shouldn’t the ground be soft and not cracked?


The site is back up again. Had some downtime during the weekend, but it’s all taken care of.

P_T, shh… Logic is evil :wink:


Cool, thanks for the link!

When I first read the title I thought it said “Crayon Material…”



Perfect timing for that Cgtalk Alienware challenge;)


Hehe, yeah… Maybe I’ll be able to put my procedural obsession to good use in this challenge :slight_smile:


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