increment saving?


in light of a recent topic, I was wondering if anyone knew a way to “increment save” in photoshop.

what I mean is to assign a shorcut key (in CS) that saves the filename, and adds a number on the end or something to save different stages of production (a bit like 3dsmax does)

any form of automated saving (that wont overwrite the original file) would be great! (should be a save option imo)



take it their isn’t any way of doing it then?


its a feature request i’ve asked for…

dont know if theres a way to script it though.


yeah… would definately be a handy feature… specially when on a big project, with little time to complete it… cause u just KNOW that windows or photoshop will see what you doing and decide to pack up and stick its HUGE middle finger up at you :stuck_out_tongue:


increment saving?

why not ?

I made a little script for myself that I wanna share with you.

it detects when you have a doc without the increment scheme extension (_000),
and asks you if is the case to start an increment file list…

then… you can choose AUTO save
and it simply saves your file incrementing the number for the scheme.

And if you want to check the state of the things
you’ll get the tab with all the list. you’ll see also if you’re overwriting files.

you can simply add some shortcuts for the two scripts
(the normal with the Tab and that require one click and the auto
that automatically increments the file) and voilà !

take care of…

++should be crossplatform but I tested only on pc…
++works only on CS (maybe on v7 but not tested…)
++it saves always .psd.
++while the full script sets for you the scheme for increment… the auto
eventually tells you just that there’s a bad file name for… a good
file name is simply every file that ends with _0xx. until 100.
++the auto mode doesn’t ask you for overwriting files… the same the normal mode…
but you can see the COPY flag… I’ll add the possibility to skip at the end of the list.
++do not make a shortcut with the Alt key… for scripts… is a psd
limitation… it automatically invoke the debugger.



to install simply drop the two javascripts into the Scripts folder (photoshopCS\Presets\Scripts)… in psd, from Edit keyboardShorcut map your new two scripts that are in File>Scripts.


what a star :smiley: :bounce:


genius! i wouldnt know the first thing about scripting, but thats one handly little “life saving” script for anyone who knows that their project is bound to go wrong just as they finish it!

who’s ya daddy!
francescaluce IS YA DADDY!!!


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