Increase GI Illumination


Quick question here. Have a project where I need to add this bull to a field. But in initial renders with GI, the bull is dark. I am using the same map for the background as the GI. How do I increase the brightness of the bull to better match the light around him?


There are two ways :

In your material, in the luminance channel, you can push the brightness value above 100% (eg : 150%), and setting the texture image mode to multiply you will increase the brightness of the whitest values.

Also, in the illumination tab of the material (at the bottom of the list) you can also increase the Generate GI strength beyond 100%


Eric, thank you! I was looking in the texture for the bull and I was playing with those but not much of a difference. But in the GI, under the primary intensity, that did it.



It looks more like you are lacking suitable reflections on the bull rather than diffuse GI.


imashination, Boosting the GI intensity solved the problem and rendered out with just that extra bump in brightness that I was looking for.


Boosting gi is a cheat though. Not to say one cant use it but something is wrong with you shaders or your texture. My guess is your texture is a png or jpg. Not a 32 bit tiff/hdr/exr. You image “looks” super bright but your illum8nation and reflections so faint and flat that i doubt there is range of luminance in the image