amazing~good word


I like the “lying cross” angle which makes the composition interesting. The details are very nice as well, and the dash of red in the bottom is a nice contrast to all the dark…


Very nice work ! :beer:


gr8 work love it :slight_smile: :buttrock:


Great ! It reminds me a lot the art of Andrew Jones… :cool:


Good brush and original character design.
I like the atmosphere.

My A. secret Post (my last work)




This is very inspiring! I especially like the illustrative design feel incorporated with character and mood. Excellent.


thanks a lot guys, your support and criticts are always welcome.
i will post more of these :wavey:


This is a very cool piece.

It reminds me of some of Andrew Jones’ work.

I’ve always loved painted strokes mixed with a textured look!


Cool concept. Very well done


Amazing job , reminds me one of my favs movies ever, tekkonkinkreet, and this guy totally looks like black in minotaur mode. you should see this movie.


nice work, reminds art of Andrew Jones.


good work man!


I just love it, beautiful colors and wonderfully excecuted concept, a joy to view, I dare say I agree on the circles, though its not really a problem:)


Brilliant piece:thumbsup:


this is good very good imagination


great artwork


thanks guys for your support, really :smiley:


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