Country: Colombia
Software: Photoshop

He is the intangible substance, of different material thoughts, showing anxiety of feeling some animal existence.
the journey between mind and terrenal feelings becomes dramatic, the INCORPOREO arrives.
yes i know a little confuse, is hard to show this emotive action, in a cool visual form.
i hope you like it.


good work!i like your color composition a lot,i am not sure but i think if you crop the canvas a litle bit (max 20%) will make the composition better.


Great colour and light.


very nice concept!


amazing work!! :bowdown:


Love the colors! Very nice work :slight_smile:


wow thanks,
i selected this visual temperament fro create a dramatic character, very theatral.


love the image… colors, lighting… great!

not a big fan of the circles on the bg though… thumbs up!

keep it up.


Everything is so organic and rought except those circles, I also think the piece would’ve been better w/o them.

Nevertheless it’s excellent work, congrats on the plug!


thanks guys::: the circles ,i know… but i added them, for some compositive reasons… experimentig with some narrative things>>>like native pattern feeling jeje>>
anyway, you´re free to apreciate this::: that´s the reason why i post this image for you
thanks::::: really
more comments. critics, jokes, poems jeje are welcome


I love it- I think it works really well just the way it is:)



very exotic, really
congrats, Eduardo


I love it! really good work man!


Really nice painting, but I think the semi-circular rings ruin it a little, since they look more like a pure design element than an artistic one. It’s just a bit incongruous


woooow fantastic piece,is there any chance to sell it as print I would buy it definietly :applause: :applause: :applause:


Your palette, level of detail and brushwork are all amazing.
I am very impressed!
The composition itself reminds me of russian supremetism! Great work.





love the colors and composition! :love: that bolt of red really sets it apart! :applause:
good work! :thumbsup:


Philipstraub: dam man is an honor thanks man>>>
FireEyes: yeah that was the idea,thanks man for your support
vladiseco:i apreciate that man, really
widdershins: yeah, i wanted to show, some misture of elements there, my poor circles jeje
just joking, thanks man
nellement:wow man,sell it, sure, if you want i can send to you a hi res image, and then you print it.
elfufu: nativo de aca parce>> un saludo
tbubb1: thanks man, i honestly want that this image, transport anyone to feel their own emotions, thanks man
nwiz25: thanks dude, i like the narrative porpuse in the compo

thanks: i´ll post more



the rythm of this work is fantastic. Congrats!