Inconsistent colors in Lightroom vs everywhere else...? Wheres the problem?



I have nikon camera, i take picture in Nikon Raw format (NEF i think). These i import into Lightroom (5.2 i think) where i “develop them” - e.g. exposure, shadows, highlights etc. manipulation as needed. THen i export them into TIF 8 bit (or sometimes 16 bit, but usually 8bit TIF with compresion (LZW i think). The problem is wherever i open those images again (image viewer, windows, photoshop etc.) the images DO NOT LOOK the same as in the lightroom develop “preview window” (the main window simply). The colors are ALWAYS off, its annoying, it doesnt look the same. I have to always export few images out and then check if they look the way i want them to in normal windows (viewers, photoshop etc.) and then go back to lightroom and adjust the setttings. Its annoying as hell.

Im not sure whats causing the problems, i think it might have to do something with color space the lightroom uses vs the colorspace all other programs use (sRGB, Adobe RGB or whatever - im not well versed in this issues (color spaces)).
I would want to know whats wrong and where in Lightroom 5.2 is a setting to fix this (i look but didnt find anything).
All i want is the “preview” in lightroom to look exactly as the exported image (which at this point doesnt).

Please help :-).

Image here: