That is probably about right for the highest LOD for a cutting edge RTS. That model will RARELY actually be used in-game though; expect to see that more in cut-scenes or in-game cinematics, etc. There is no point in displaying a 1000-triangle model that is only about 50 pixels tall, after all :wink: I would expect the models that are actually displayed to be more like 250 triangles or so.


Adam Atomic - Thanks. I’ll work on it.


I like what you have done so far of the new character, but i think your Batman should not be totally forgotten, are you going to make a Two Face just like your Joker.


KOmoo - I will come back to the bat for sure I like the model and I have big plans for the texture but right now I feel I need to balance my folio. would like to build a set for the bat and joker and do an anim but we will see I have too many plans at the moment


2508 poly - a bit more detail to add so gonna have to find some other polys to cull.


I guess this model is getting a bit confused but are the models that dull.

370 poly version of the grenadier


I gotta say man, i prefer the low poly model to the previous…cant wait to see it textured! very nice.


Back from the dead. My laptop suicided and has been being repaired for two weeks so I have been kicking my heels and getting real twitchy. Especialy as I have just graduated and need work quick.

Anyway have got hold of a temporary machine (dodgy monitor so colours might be off, please let me know) so time for some speedy catch up.

I’ve textured the 370 ply grenadier also will get a gang of them together posed tomorrow and post.


man that came out nice!
good job


hey man, that is just lovely,

my only crit would be made hesitantly. Perhaps the shadows in the muscle definition are just a bit too dark? would levels sort this out?


Kingo - Your probably right. I think this monitor is a bit too bright
Dpizzle - not quite finished yet - tweaking the texture and the want to get him posed with the joker I did.


Hes looking very nice mate, I can’t wait too see the Batman vs. Joker scene!


Are my images too big?
I was hoping for a bit more feedback than this.


Well, in true CG Talk style…

“Thats really great man, five stars man, totally 4some, man, etc etc, ad lib to fade…”

But seriously - I would consider slightly decreasing the size of Batmans chest and arms in relation to his trunk, waist and legs.
However, this model may be based on some comic artwork that I haven’t seen (not being a fan of the medium); as such, I can’t really comment further.

Having said that, the texuring on the suit is top notch. The only other thing I would suggest would be to put a slight highlight (underscored with a thin shadow) around the rim of his boots and gloves.

Speak to you soon about the M.A. show.


I really wanted the model and texture too be extreme, an exaggeration of the comic style. Will get to work on the boots and gloves though. Then I’d better get to work on some of my own concepts


I really wanted the model and texture to be extreme, an exaggeration of the comic style.

Then in that case the model is ideal, as good as the original concept could be. Bear in mind that much comic art is already an exaggeration of the human form. How do you plan on animating the cape?
P.S. Without sounding like the typical happy sycophant, the abdominal and oblique detail is superb. Done in photoshop?


Nice models You’ve made in here Saramango. Keep it up. Good job:thumbsup:


just wondering how batman is coming along


Dpizzle - Got job interviews and some freelance work on at the moment so I’ve been too busy to set up that JokerVS.Batman scene but I will try do it when I get a bit of time. Thanks for the interest.


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