Did a lot of sketches this afternoon for a new project but nothing came to me worthing working up for my folio so

I’m not planning to finish this one just a spot of fun 'til my imagination kicks in. 1300 tris. How do you go about building the arms using the method that follows the musclature?


This is how I usually connect arms to the body. The blue lines are what really matters in my opinion. The bottom of the pecs flow into the shoulders. Look at your own body. Anyways, dont take how I drew it as the RIGHT way to do things. Its just one way.


you should definetely finish this piece


aesir - thanks for the sketch it got me off on the right foot

Lots more sketches done today but still nothing I want to build so I’m fiddling with this again tonite. Besides I havent model this method before so its a good exercise. Have had a few nightmares with the rough rig test but it is shaping up.

If anyone can point me in the direction of tutorials for this especially with regards to rigging and animation I would be much obliged.

Gonna throw some polys at this maybe somewhere around 3500/4000


Having fun now

Update added at KINGOMONKEY’s request


Looking really nice dude, espaecially lie the head and neck.

Can we see some wires to see how you tackled tthe shoulder area?

See ya on Thursday



Basic model done - cut in a bit more detail tomorrow nite then I’ll have to leave it for a bit as I’m supposed to be finishing my MA next week.


Me no game modeler but this really looks great. Very noticable from the stylising, sorta catches your eye.

Textures pleeease?



Thats looking real nice mate,

But dont forget your presentation!:slight_smile:

Really like the shoulders, i always think of that bit as being like a collar or harness that sits over the chest. This probably doesnt make sense. i just winder if it could be modelled from a folded cylinder cap? just an idea.

Like i said, real nice and see you thursday



Rather than just thinking about it i thought i would just try. Just thought id share it. I found this process very quick and i leanned a lot just having a go. plus it was a break from my Current (yawn) project. Think of it as therapy

Hope you understand what i meant now


I’m going to put bats on hold for a bit I think my folio needs some straight forward models. So I am working on 3 soldiers from 3 time periods (this one is a 17th Century Grenadier). I am planning to model 2500 poly and 1000 Poly versions. Is 1000 low enough for a current rts (ie Dawn of War or Rome Total War?) Does this seem like a good exercise?


hey saramango… that batman is looking nice,
my only crit as of now -
i think that the bat ears should be pushed back more, towards the back of the head and lowered slightly… just my opinion.
i think it would make him look more menacing and dark… like batman should be.



That is probably about right for the highest LOD for a cutting edge RTS. That model will RARELY actually be used in-game though; expect to see that more in cut-scenes or in-game cinematics, etc. There is no point in displaying a 1000-triangle model that is only about 50 pixels tall, after all :wink: I would expect the models that are actually displayed to be more like 250 triangles or so.


Adam Atomic - Thanks. I’ll work on it.


I like what you have done so far of the new character, but i think your Batman should not be totally forgotten, are you going to make a Two Face just like your Joker.


KOmoo - I will come back to the bat for sure I like the model and I have big plans for the texture but right now I feel I need to balance my folio. would like to build a set for the bat and joker and do an anim but we will see I have too many plans at the moment


2508 poly - a bit more detail to add so gonna have to find some other polys to cull.


I guess this model is getting a bit confused but are the models that dull.

370 poly version of the grenadier


I gotta say man, i prefer the low poly model to the previous…cant wait to see it textured! very nice.


Back from the dead. My laptop suicided and has been being repaired for two weeks so I have been kicking my heels and getting real twitchy. Especialy as I have just graduated and need work quick.

Anyway have got hold of a temporary machine (dodgy monitor so colours might be off, please let me know) so time for some speedy catch up.

I’ve textured the 370 ply grenadier also will get a gang of them together posed tomorrow and post.