In search of a mentor / reel help


Hey everybody,

So I am having some trouble in progressing within my field. I love compositing, and have professional experience as a Stereo Compositor, however am a bit stuck with what kind of work to display in 2D compositing, since I do not have any professional/commercial work to show with that. I have been out of a job for several months and always find myself aimlessly searching the internet on what to put in my reel and what kinds of projects to invest my time into. I would love to have a mentor who has a great deal of compositing experience who can guide me in progressing, perhaps pick out some footage for me to do some compositing work to, and give me tips along the way here and there. This may be a bit much to ask, so I may be willing to offer some coin for the help. If this interests you please feel free to post or email me at

Thanks all!