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Hey guys I am new here and was not sure exactly where to post this topic. Red dawn Studios is in search of 2 modelers for a Mod using the UE3 engine. We have concept art, team is full but we lost our modeler due to time restraints. So I am in search of 2 that way if one person gets tied up we always have work moving forward.

Story and game play I will explain much deeper once modelers are found. As of now I don’t wanna release to much detail to the public.

Basic gameplay will be first person shooter, multiplay. BUT our big new feature will be squad combat each player will control up to 5 AI squad mates. With 8 on 8 being target number at the moment putting battles up to 80 combatants at once fighting.

Story is something I don’t wanna go into on here.

If you are interested please PM me as soon as you can we got models waiting to get made. We are also looking to going to IGF so if you wanna help send me a e-mail to

Thanks guys
Derek “Can’t See” Hernandez

P.S. Any questions feel free to ask


Maybe post some artwork and tell a little more about what you guys are up to? Working on a mod isn’t an easy task, takes a lot of time… you can’t expect people to jump into this, working for fun without even seeing a bit of work from your side.

If there’s concept art and if there are ideas, share them, if you really want to win talented artists.


Oh yea normally I would of but I am at work at the moment and all the work is on my home PC. Also since UE3 is not currently out, the ONLY work that is able to be done is modeling, some coding and concept on maps.

Our team consists of

Lead designer/mapper - Me
Mapper - Night Raider
Mapper - Isolation

Coding - Puzzelmaker
Coding/web - Thunderdan
Story -Qreaper
Sound - Andrew

Concept art is also being done by me, everything is being pencil drawing. I am decent at drawing and I am not the CG artist. Mapping and modeling were my specialty back in the Ghost Recon days.

I have put together 3 mods, Modeled over 150+ weapons. I am stretching more into mapping and have not touched 3dsm since like 1999 so all the stuff I am lost with.

MOD Name - Tribulation
Type - FPS/squad combat
Player amount - 8 on 8
Time to be released - Shooting for early to late feb.

As our dropships approached the city. Three, maybe four of the improvised-from-spacecraft buckets, each packing maybe five to seven “Reds”. Davidson sat with his troops. In the days before the Exodus, he might have been called Corporal Davidson, but such titles were meaningless these days. Whoever had better armor than you pretty much was in control. That’s how the new government dealt with it. Davidson looked around at his troops. He saw green. Whatever they could commission for raid groups were either cowards, kids that couldn’t aim straight, or (by far the worst) the lazy ones. Every so often, you’d get one that knew what he was doing, but those were usually assigned to base defense detail.
Davidson knew that he wasn’t the top brass on this mission. There was one guy that was a little higher than him. His nick-name (the only thing we really called each other by while we hit the surface) was Taint. Davidson was pretty sure he knew why he was called that. His over the top bravery was incredibly infectious.
Most of these punks he’d never seen before, but he didn’t care. More meat shields. He thought to himself, “Maybe that was too harsh.”.
Before he could rethink his statement, the pilot chimed in, “ETA forty-two minutes”. “Good,” Davidson thought,”maybe I can sleep…or at least mull some things over.”
He thought back, far back. Back when he was only a young boy. That was over a decade ago, but he was old enough to remember.
There was a lot of tension. He lived in an underground “mansion” per say. He “hit the genetic jackpot” as some of his school friends had said. His family was very wealthy, though, they were never happy. Always something wrong, always busy.
Then, they didn’t worry about those things anymore. Davidson was in school the first time he heard about it. They were teaching them about Artificial Intelligence. They taught them that an AI was what unified the world governments together. Something not possible until an unbiased super-intelligent being came around. Davidson found it ironic that it’s as if they saw never the old, vintage movies from around 60 years ago. Like Destroyer or some such thing. Story about a massive computer sending a mechanical assassin back through time. Of course, such arguments assumably came up, but the simple statement of “This isn’t a movie.” was probably enough to shoot that down. How Davidson ever was as naive to believe all that.
Then, the fighting started. His brothers eagerly volunteered to fight an enemy they didn’t even know about. None of them ever came back. Then, a few months later, metal humans came marching down the roads of the slums. That’s when Davidson and his family knew that it was that computer that was the problem. At first, people were confused. “Why would the computer that took such good care of us, suddenly kill thousands?” they asked. Davidson knew better.
Then, what was left of the world governments convened. What came out of that meeting, was called Project Exodus. The plan was, they were going to load who they could into spacecraft. And use what resources they had on their colonys. These colonys were located on Mars and Luna.
Then, they would use their existing nuclear weapons, and freshly designed EMP bombs to scour every last corner of the Earth of any mechanical presence.
But, there was a catch. Some rat bastard, decided he was going to charge those who were going. So, when others who were going to run shuttles found out about this, they followed the same direction.
Sadly, this meant that those who were low and mid class were stuck here. So, the world governments thought up something else. They would use their previous plan, and they would build lead bunkers for those left behind.
“ETA twenty minutes!”
This jolted Davidson from his day dream for mere seconds, then he went back to thinking once more.
Him and his family left on one of these shuttles. He was sad, he was leaving behind many of his friends, and someone very special to him. He loved Kerri, but his parents forced him to come with them.
As they were leaving, various spacecraft were launching, preparing to fire on their own planet. He watched those to be left behind being herded into the bunkers. He watched as they stared longingly at the ship. He remembered feeling so very horrible for them.
Then, they left everything…except their money. Oh didn’t his family love their money. But now, that’s not his problem.
The next few years were not eventful. He was relocated from Mars to Luna once he was 19. He was glad to be away from them. He promptly signed up for militant training.
From then on, it was training, drills, training, drills, and more training and drills. Moving from base to base, learning all that he could from the best of the best. Sometimes even getting the opportunity of zero gravity training on asteroids between Mars and Jupiter.
Once the EMP cloud and static dissipated from the Earth’s atmosphere, he was to be amongst the first to hit the surface. Among the first to see those that had been left.
They hit the ground. The people down there had been sent a packet burst transmission of a returning group.
When Davidson disembarked, he was thrilled. I mean, why wouldn’t he be? He saw the people that had came out to greet them. He was thrilled at the sight. Kerri was with them! He ran to them, Kerri ran to him. It was almost like those stereotypical movie moments…without the flowers and music.
Then, it got…bad. As they finally got closer to each other, some of the crowd started arguing with people he couldn’t see. The people that they were arguing with came to the front. A lot of them. They had weapons, obviously looted from downed bots. They started screaming at Davidson and the others, calling them “cowards” and “traitors”.
He wasn’t exactly sure what was going on. He was ecstatic at first, now he was curious. The people that had weapons raised them. The small greeting crowd dispersed quickly. Then, Davidson saw that most of the crowd weren’t here for a greeting, they were here for a fight.
They opened fire with their ballistic weapons. Aiming at those closest. They had no weapons or armor. They were bare and in the open. A few of them were hit. Then, they aimed at Davidson. He tried to move himself and Kerri out of the way. But, to no avail. He took shots to the shoulder and side, but he was more fortunate. Kerri got hit in the neck and side. Davidson dragged her into the dropship, and it took off.
“ETA, 10 minutes!”
This didn’t alert Davidson in the least. It only registered in the back of his head. He knew what the word touch down meant, and that’s the one he was waiting for.
Over the next few weeks, he stayed with Kerri in the Luna East Medical Facility gracefully pardoned from training and the retaliation attempt. After a month and one week, she died in a comatose state.
Somehow, he hadn’t cried. Not a tear, not a sob. Not even a whimper. He just stared at the wall when she flat lined. Davidson wondered to himself whether it had killed his humanity. But, humanity wasn’t something he needed anymore. Not if she died.
He wanted blood. Blood on his hands. On his skin. On his hands. Blood he could taste and feel. Pondering to himself if he’d gone insane, he still wanted to kill them all.
The next day, he hopped on the first craft heading for Earth. He got his blood. He tasted it, he felt it. He thought it would make him feel better. But nothing would make him feel better it seemed. So, here we find Davidson on a craft, heading for another raid. Trying to get more death, more blood. But, with slightly more tact than before. He was calm.
“Touchdown in 3 minutes!”
That was his cue. Davidson stood up, preparing his little pep talk.
“Alright boys, you’re here because you volunteered to get your family and friends resources to live off of. We’re going to break their lines, crush their bones, destroy their defenses, and take their horded resources that they keep from us so adamantly. We’re going to shoot them until they fall, and then shoot them some more! Are you ready soldiers!?”
Without so much as a pause, the com and the dropship lit up with a unanimous “Yes, sir!”
With that, they stormed out of the ship the second that it hit the ground. Some falling under a hail of gun fire. Those who didn’t die, would be hailed and promoted for their bravery.
But, Davidson wouldn’t know who made it and who wouldn’t. He was bleeding on the ground, having taken a bullet to the chest. He saw them fighting. He saw them dieing. He didn’t care much anymore. He waited for the release of death. He didn’t wait long.
He swore he saw Kerri out of the corner of his eye before he went

Mars soliders will be heavy weapons, heavy armor, less numbers
Earth soliders will be old weapons, no armor, large numbers - hit & run tatics

We have also designed a pretty realsitic impact system which will simulate realism very much. Also retreating back to your base and depending on take objectives you will gain reinforment points used to resupply fallen soliders of your commanding squad.


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