in progress...


Removed by admin, please refer to the CGTalk Policy and also this thread what did you expect to gain from this?


what is this? :slight_smile:




whuuuut? Roadkill?


i dont get it :shrug:


now thats funny…


are u making a dog crushed by a car?


what is this , i really dont understand what is being done but looks good


Isn’t it a tasmanian devil???




ok so what are you plans for this we cant crit if we dont know what yo are trying to do :surprised


This isn’t a flame, or if it is, please forgive me. But instead of asking what this is, over and over again, and since the thread author hasn’t bothered answering at all, then maybe we should move on and critique someone else’s work who is willing to respond to comments. I don’t know if this is art or not, I personally don’t think so, but after all, “art befalls in the eyes’ of the beholder.” So please, let’s move on and allow this thread to fall behind.




its work in progress…
i didnt expect you to critisize anything. i think this part of the forum is also to show a progress of something (as the forum title it already says)

i could update with a new screenshot. you could throw in your comments or not… i dont mind. its work in progress…


yeah… but what is it? In your photo it show 3 dead animals and two half heads of people. The animal you’re building looks good from what I can see of it, but its half hidden in that block and you have no description as to what you’re actually building. So, the main issue here is no one has any idea what you’re doing. And your replies so far have not been informative in the least. Here we are asking you what it is and you reply with “?”, “Now that’s funny.”, and “laugh”. So… forgive us if we appear to be ignorant of your master plan.

It’s usually a good idea to describe what you’re building when you post a pic of it so that we’re not left scrathcing our heads… or whatever it is some of these people here like to scratch. :stuck_out_tongue:



Maybe it is a thylacine, aka the tasmanian wolf:shrug:


Um there are guidlines to post. The least you could do is tell us what it is, give it a more meaningfull title, and damn, get some feedback.

Your bad. :shame:


I dont think this is funny at all…These pictures are pretty disturbing. YOu should remove it because i am not interested in animal cruelty. And i dont think that most people here really interested in animal torture…These are some sick pictures…please remove it.

Originally posted by xmb
[B]Removed by admin, please refer to the CGTalk Policy and also this thread what did you expect to gain from this?[B]


What in the hell?:surprised


XMB - I’ve received some complaints about this now, and I must say that I do find these images a little disturbing. If you intend to create a model that is violent or disturbing in any way, please read the CG Talk policy regarding such work.
I’d appreciate it if you remove the inset images from these pictures as they are upsetting quite a few users.