In order for foreigners to work in the CG animation industry in the United States, Canada

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I am a Japanese, and after graduating from high school I started working for a Japanese animation company. After working for one year, I studied 3DCG for about half a year and now work as a game animator at a major Japanese game company. However, from before joining the company until now, I am keen to be involved in the production of movie animations like Pixar instead of game animations, so I have saved money and studied English. The following are the methods that I am currently thinking about, but I would like to ask for the best options and suggestions.

① Retire from the company where you work and conduct Animationmentor and Full Sail University online courses at the same time in Japan.
I didn’t have a degree because I started working right after graduating from high school. In this industry, I think that portfolio is the most important, but after all foreigners without a degree think that it is difficult due to problems such as visas even if they have the ability, and in addition I do not want to spend a long time, so this plan I thought. I think you can have a degree and a portfolio!

② Retired from the company and only Animationmentor in Japan
I thought that doing just the Animationmentor would allow me to dedicate more time to a single task, resulting in a more complete portfolio.

③ Study abroad and go to animation universities in the United States and Canada
I think this idea is impossible for me now, considering the money and years spent. . .

Of these three ideas, we think that it is best to conduct the online course of Animationmentor and Full Sail University at the same time. Do you think it is a good idea?

And what is important when hiring a foreigner who wants to work in this industry?

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