in love, Kleber darcio (3D)


inspiring work as always!



thanks guys!

meysan - thanks!

Nhuks3d - thanks friend!

vitorugo - thanks Vitor, I love working with hair.

DFEX - thanks felipe!

fininho - obrigado meu amigo! fico feliz demais que vc curtiu! Thank you my friend! I’m glad you enjoyed it too!

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Mr-Evil-studio - thanks for 5 stars!!!

SCB - Thanks for the suggestion! I will do a test with new lights and post! thank you friend!

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HOOO!!! CGTalk Thank you! I am very happy, is a fantastic recognition for me as an artist! I have no words to describe how important it is to receive this award! It is an honor to be among such talented artists and the art gallery of original 2d inspired me to create this scene.
Thanks! :):):):):slight_smile:


very nice man! loving the lighting … really cool render!! congrats.


Wow that is incredible…

Just curious, but do you happen to have a photo of the 2D illustration?


Oi Kleber,

Essa ilustração na qual você se baseou para fazer o 3D é do Will Murai ( e foi veiculada no infográfico “Como ocorre o frio na barriga” do iG:

Os devidos créditos desse infográfico são: Design: Raphael Ferraz; Programação: Bruno Godoy; Ilustração: Will Murai; Animação: Rodrigo Guedes.



eduardoduccigne - obrigado meu amigo! eu tinha visto exatamente no portal do terra mas nao consegui encontrar novamente, muito obrigado mesmo! vou agora colocar o credito aos artistas! muito obrigado!

Thank you my friend! I had just seen on the website of the earth but could not find again, thank you so much! I will now put the credit to the artists! thanks!


Image credits of inspiration which tried to reproduce in 3D are for artists … Raphael Ferraz; Programming: Bruno Godoy; Illustration: Will Murai; Animation: Rodrigo Guedes.

The reproduction of my work in 3d not work quite like the original! the talent of the artists’s Standing 2d infinitely better! I’ma big fan of the original work, which amazed me since the day I saw this portal.
The difficulty in reproducing the excitement and quality of the characters was very difficult.

Credits -


Congratulations! was a great representation of Will Murai’s work, rereading a very poetic and beautiful!


now i saw the reference…you did a beatifull work…its hard to capture the mud of the scene!congratulations!!


Congratulations! was a great representation of Will Murai’s work, rereading a very poetic and beautiful!


Woow Klebão! very beaty representation of the original ilustration!


Really liked what u did with Will’s illustration. He is probably very happy with u, buddy! Will Murai is a great illustrator and so are you :slight_smile:


awesome bro!!! perfect re-creation from will’s work :slight_smile: again congratzzz :slight_smile:


eduardoduccigne - thanks
presto - thanks Daniel
PCBiajante - thanks
drehmeister - thanks man
Perconte - thanks!

I’m happy with the comments, but my job is far from the quality of the masterpiece of Will Murai, I really hope he likes, for me it would be very rewarding! From the first moment I saw him, I was fascinated with the dash and beauty of the scene!


Hello everybody!
some images of the scene, so I’ll post SetAge lights, and how they were made ​​hair with hair and fur, and clothing.
I hope you enjoy!

image occ




Beautiful work, both the reference in 2d, as the representation in 3D!
I love the colors!



Brutal esta esta imagem :)… Parabéns Kleber!.. sempre ao melhor nível.


Klebão Congratulations! A great remake of the Will Murai’s work!


Hey man, I like this image but there are 2 small details that I’m pretty sure you can get fixed!
Her cup seems to be floating…I don’t know if its intentional… and her hand besid the cup looks cut…