in love, Kleber darcio (3D)


Title: in love
Name: Kleber darcio
Country: Brazil
Software: 3ds max, BodyPaint, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

Developed for image portfolio.
I once saw a beautiful 2D illustration of a news portal in Brazil, the picture illustrated an article on couples in love. Try your best to reproduce it in 3D. The quality is far from unique in that it is indeed wonderful. but I hope you like it.
I do not have the address of the image that was in that portal, but it was very similar to the one reproduced in 3D.
I hope you enjoy!
I used 3dsmax, vray, photoshop and zbrush.
the hair was made ​​with hair and fur, cloth and clothes with fx.

the idea was to represent a man in love and the girl not so much. “indifferent”.


Really nice image, you well deserve the first page ! :applause:

…like I told before, I think will be better if the key light come from only left side, but this is just a detail :wink:



Thank you LucianoNeves!
I am very happy with your praise and your suggestion! the futuristic version will apply his considerations are great!
I will make in the light and put back



Wow Klebão! beauty colors, composition, render… everything!




Great job dude! Beautiful light, texture and colors. The guy’s face really shows he’s in love!

Congrats, keep it up!

Best wishes


Great facial and body expressions, specially in the guy. Love the cartoonish style.


I really like the lighting in this image, great job!


Wow, I luv it. Nice face expression and pose. Two thumbs up.



Your 3D art has so much emotion, I can only learn from you.


Hello guys, okay?

PCBiajante - thanks Paulao!
MarcosNicacio - Thanks Mike :slight_smile:
LuksDm - thanks I’m glad you enjoyed it!.
HP - thanks! intend to adjust the lights in the tip of the luciano, I’m glad you liked!
gorillajin - Thanks man! ihaa! :):):slight_smile:
AndreV - thank you andre! I’m so ashamed! I am honored by your words, thank you! I still have much to learn, and I’m glad you like my work!

I am very happy that they liked my work!
thanks for the compliments, criticisms and suggestions!
I will soon make a post off the scene … I hope you enjoy!


Wow…!!! :eek:
Really lovely!


Boa garoto, ficou show d+, tá parecendo meio pintura, ficou muito legal os shaders, Parabéns.


Woah! I loved the mood of this one! The characters style are awesome too! How did you make this hair? Looks very natural! Congratz dude! ;D


Beautiful!!.. this image is gorgeous and very appealing, congrats for all of you :wink:



Caraca Klebão, ficou animal esse render! Sem contar a arte e o estilo… :bounce:
Parabéns cara, você é foda…já disso isso antes mas repito!
Espero chegar neste nível algum dia! :bowdown:


WOW!! Beautiful job!! Congrats!!


Hey kleber, good job man! Congratulations!


Sweet - very nice the swing in their poses, and body and facial expession of both are simply superb! Cool work! :thumbsup:


amazing work i like very much this work
5 star for you :thumbsup:


Very nice, I like the mood you’ve set! Minor suggestion, if you slightly darken the left wall in the image ( like you’ve done to the right wall) it might provide more focus to the center of the render (the focal point), although it might be tricky with the direction of your light source. Anyway,