In Honor Of The King, Ryan Frederickson (2D)


Title: In Honor Of The King
Name: Ryan Frederickson
Country: United States
Software: Painter, Photoshop

I suppose now is as good a time as any to post this in the finished art section here. I did this piece for the Master & Servant contest. It was the first time I’ve participated in a CGChallenge, and definitely won’t be the last. It’s a valuable experience, I think.

At first the concept was pretty straight-forward. The jester has killed the king and sits on the throne. But after more thought on the subject I decided that wasn’t enough. I wanted to make the master/servant relationship deeper than simple betrayal. So I thought…what if the jester was a master as well? And I made him the instigator of this happy coup.

…Or is it happy? I wanted to make the characters seem somewhat ambiguous, as far as the nature of their intentions is concerned. Are they simply murderous underlings of a benevolent king? Or are they the opposite? Saviours of an enslaved kingdom? Good king? Evil king? I suppose it depends on the day, but I really prefer to leave the interpretation up to you.

Please comment! Good or bad, I like to hear what people think. And don’t forget to look at the close-up links below!!!



dagger pommel

king’s hand

king’s head


>> Hi resolution image <<


Really a great pic with a amazing painting, five stars for me


That’s a very good image man! congratulation!:scream:


You get my hand with every finger on it:thumbsup:

peace, pete


love it, great idea well executed. The onlt thing is i can t decide whether there is some funky perspective on the throne or not, i cant tell, looks a bit wrong. other than that, fantastic!


The color is gorgeous, the composition is beautiful```:thumbsup:


Excellent, intriguing concept. I really like that we can’t be too sure of why they did the deed nor what they’re feeling about it: but there are hints, things we can interpret for ourselves.

On my part, I’m inclined to feel with the jester on this: it just seems like under all that makeup, he has sad eyes somehow as if what he did, he did because he had to - perhaps because he’d been pushed one time too many and just couldn’t live with himself if he didn’t take care of his oppressor… while the smile on the queen’s face is just… triumphant, and I’m thinking intentions weren’t quite so easily forgivable.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is - you did a wonderful job of making this a piece that we can all interpret the way we want to. Thank you, and good luck :]


I don’t know how I missed this in the Master and Servant forum. This is brilliant, another favourite of mine to win. Amazing lighting, I love how the painting tells the story. Gosh stunning work stares

My best wishes I’m sure you’ll do well


Awesome skills !!

The Dwarf deffently did not need a beer mug. The jester and his make up is nicely detailed, it looks like real make up. The lighting is nicely done also. I did expect some of the characters to look a bit more cheerfull. Killing the King is always a joyous occation.

Good luck on your entry


Very, very impressive:bounce: …if your not a lead artist at Disney…you should be. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Excelent work
I love the color in this
I cant find anything I dont like about this image


congrats again!
i especially like the way the colors in center of interest are the brightest…
the characters and the rendering of the material is really great! :thumbsup:

good luck!


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