In general how long can you do a head?


Just a curious question from a total newbie. When I see head modelling tutorials I think that must have taken 10 hours.

How long does it take you to model a realistic head? I juts want to know from various users personally how long it takes them.


Well, my most realistic head was in the machine flesh challenge, and that clocked me out at about 6 weeks, on an off.


To get the basic elements-not that long (a solid days work). But then comes the endless tweaking in search of that perfect form. But then you realize its TOO perfect to be human so you start to mess it up a bit. You could work on a head forever.

I just watched Mr Blacks excelent head modelling vid. He blizted through a head in about 10 minutes.




It’s a process that shortens and lengthens over time. At the begining, you’ll suck at it and take forever. Then you’ll get good and blitz through it in a few hours. Then you’ll get even better, and spend craploads of time on it and take weeks!

It’s like a sine wave.:smiley:


i been tweakin this head (off an on) for almost 3 years now


i think erilaz said it best, thats the case for me , when i started it would take me weeks , then i got better and i think i pulled off a whole head in about 4 hrs, but then i was able to notice more subtleties/nuances in the human face and i think it takes me a good day to model it and be satisfied with it , maybe when i get past this current stage it will take me weeks again…hmmm


I’ve only done one head and I must have been tweaking it for two years now. But then again, I don’t have the nack for 3D.


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