In Control - 3d short about George W. Bush



here is my 3d-soloproject I created last semester at the German Film School. It’s a short parodie on George W. Bush.

I worked on in about 4 month part-time and 1 month full-time and used Maya 8.5, ZBrush, Combustion, After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

if it’s to slow here’s a mirror:


HAHAHAHA nice story, good transitions. nicely executed. No pun intended.

I think the animation slowly got better as I watched it. But it needs more follow through and Anitc, and O/S.

P.s Very Polite and very honest of you!


Heh that was a lot more enjoyable then I anticipated. Considering the time constraints the animation doesnt bother me. Acting wise it couldve been more clear but overall its an enjoyable film. 4 starts frm me simply cause its a looot of fun to watch!


it’s very nice visually… but story wise… it could use some work imho. :slight_smile: the binoculars thing got me… :smiley:


löl, I was rolling at the end :scream:

great work, good luck for everyone involved


Thank you, guys!

Yes, the animation is not perfect… it was my first animation with a “complex” rig and then the old problem with the deadlines :slight_smile:


it makes fun again and again to watch your film. very good work.


Thanks a lot! It motivates me to work on… :slight_smile:


Very nice. I didn’t thought a parody would make me laugh so hard because there are so many. But yours is really unique. Seen it on a screening before thou. Good work for such a short production time. What made you writing that plot? What kept the suspenders (braces) in place (just curious)?


Wooops. Doubled the post. Doesn’t matter. What do you mean by part-time? Like weekends?


Ah, yes, we can all sleep safe in our beds knowing that ambitious and power hungry world leaders, dictators, wackos, terrorists, and nutjobs have their little fingers on the button, totally oblivious to what the real consequences would be should they choose to press it.


I can’t really say what made me writing about that… think it’s the anger about Bush that grow over the years :wink: It’s like webhead said…

I fixed the suspenders with the djRivet tool on the geometry of his body. This tool conects 2 geometries by using hair follicles. On highend3d you can download it.

Part-time means about 6 hours per day beside our lessons. In production-time it was about 14-16 hours per day.


Great work!! LOL


Thanks! :slight_smile:


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