In Brightest Day: Green Lantern Tomar re, Ajay Naran (3D)


Title: In Brightest Day: Green Lantern Tomar re
Name: Ajay Naran
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, After Effects, Photoshop, ZBrush

Green Lantern of sector 2813; Tomar Re is a pivotal member of the Green Lantern Corps. This is a project that I’ve worked on for some time (on and off) Strangely and totally coincidently my design mirrors the design of the GL movie’s organic suit, I was flip flopping whether or not to traditional with the design after seeing the movie trailer… but I figured hey what the hell I like this look alot. This was done mostly in Zbrush and some texture work in photoshop.


Looks Spot ON to me :slight_smile: GREAT work!..if i had to critique it the only thing i could say is maybe the legs are too long (i dont remember his legs ever being that long but i could be wrong)


excellent work , i really like the rendering , shading , lighting and mood as well , the legs look fine to me and the pose is interesting :bowdown:


Love him a lot! Cheers!


very nice shading and rendering,love that greenish light streams around…very nice


the light fog around him is so amazing~GREAT LOVE! kinda romantic~hahah~


Nice effects and character especially fingers. I can see his whole skeleton. Excellent job!


Thank you everybody for the comments! this has been a labour of love and I’m very pleased of how it turned out.


Thanks Antonie!
and your right the original Tomar re (comics) doesn’t have the elongated limbs but I decided to make them longer and further push the alien look. I’d imagine he’s a mix of Ostrich, Lizard and fog horn leg horn :stuck_out_tongue:

here’s a better look of the character


really cool character!!


Very nicely done, all around. Good job.


nice work :thumbsup:


I hope he looks this good in the movie!


really nice work man, nice render.

about suit, a lot of details, fantastic work. gratz man



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