In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country


Modelled and rendered using Lightwave. Composted in Photoshop.

I started out by researching and sketching shapes that could be transformed into architectural objects. At the same time I was looking at environments to put this building into. I was really adamant on having a watery environment but initially planned it to be next to the sea until I found some images of the waterfalls. I really liked the idea of all the water combined with the hills of Guilin in China and imagined what sort of building would suit this environment. From my sketches these horn shaped buildings really seemed to compliment the surrounding countryside whilst at the same time could give spectacular views overlooking the waterfall. Whatever the building is used for, office, hotel, shops etc, I imagine myself halfway up looking down into the abyss and listening to the thunder of the water.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have had making it.


Excellent work and design of build. The detail of top( point of helicopter) is very good! Marvelous ambience!:thumbsup:


Very nice image, spunji. In my mind, this is the sort of creativity that this contest was meant to inspire. A nice blend between interesting architecture and landscape. You won’t get me up on that heli-pad, and I’m not signing up to be the window washer, but that probably wouldn’t do much good with those falls always churning up mist right there anyway. Nice job. :slight_smile:


Very nice concept, design, and composition. Solid work!
Good luck to you. :thumbsup:


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